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Top tips to enhance your rented property in Bristol this Autumn

It’s the time of year when everyone at City Rental Services is advising our property landlord clients in Bristol on how to improve and spruce up their rented property portfolios.

tips for property landlords on preparing rented property in Bristol for Autumn from City Rental Services

And with Autumn well and truly upon us, now is the time to consider a few simple and straightforward tips on how to enhance the appearance of rented properties in BS postcodes, to generate more interest from potential tenants.

Our top tips for sprucing up rented properties in Bristol this Autumn include:

Focus on appearances – tidy up the area in front of the property, including washing windows, clearing leaves, pruning the front garden and cutting trees.

The clearing of gutters is always essential to stop the build up of leaves and blockages and always best to stop further damage to the exterior when the weather gets colder and not so easy to attend to.

Mould is always a problem when the heating gets switched on and the windows and doors are shut, especially in rented accommodation with more than two people sharing.

Make sure the mould is cleaned off and removed, bathrooms and kitchens should be repainted with anti-mould paint to not only to give a fresh appearance, but to also to prevent it from coming back.

Ensure all little jobs are completed such as dripping taps and leaking gutters.

Check all appliances are in order, including boiler and water heaters, are in warranty and covered for Winter usage and colder wetter weather.

If you’re looking for advice interior design for rented accommodation in Bristol, please call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us – as an independent letting agency in Bristol, we’re here to help.

Where do Bristol landlords stand with evicting troublesome tenants?

At City Rental Services we’re sometimes called in to act as the middle man between property landlords and professional and student tenants in Bristol – using our considerable experience and expertise to mediate and help resolve issues.

Sometimes, however, issues can’t be resolved – and the only course of action facing a property landlord is to evict a troublesome tenant from a property.

Advice for Bristol property landlords from City Rental Services

Plus, with the fears over the scrapping of wear and tear allowances and ever-increasing legislative burdens, we’ve seen a few property landlords in Bristol looking to leave the Bristol property market, cash in on the strong sector position, and remove all tenants from their rented properties by serving Notice.

However, serving a Section 21 Notice seeking possession of a rented property may just be the start of a long-winded process of trying to regain possession of the rented property a Bristol landlord owns and lets out.

You may find, as a buy-to-let landlord in Bristol, that your tenant may resist the Notice served. They may not be in a position to move out at the expiration of the Notice.

Rents will certainly have increased, and the supply of private rented accommodation in Bristol will have diminished.

Bristol property landlords may also have to consider applying for accelerated possession, and assistance from Court bailiffs – all of which is costly and time-consuming.

This recent article from property industry portal Landlord Zone concerning the increase in tenant evictions across the UK also makes for useful reading and reference for Bristol property landlords.

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Bristol landlords – is your rental portfolio covered for property damage?

It’s that time of year at City Rental Services, with the seasons changing and student tenants looking to the end of the Summer and the start of a new academic year in Bristol, that we consider various issues for private landlords across various BS postcodes – including covering property damage to rental portfolios across the city.

advice for property landlords in Bristol on property damage from lettings agency City Rental Services

We saw an interesting article here, highlighting an estimated 400,000 private landlords nationwide being apparently affected by property damage in the last 12 months.

Property damage can be a significant issue if the damage caused exceeds the value of a tenant’s deposit – this quickly eats into property profit margins.

There are simple steps that property landlords in Bristol can take to reduce the likelihood of sustaining property damage to their rental portfolios, such as:

  • Carefully vet all tenants before an Agreement is signed
  • Ensure that the home insurance policy cover is thorough
  • Talk to property management experts in Bristol such as CRS

It’s also worth considering the implications of void periods on rented property insurance for landlords, as well as carefully researching specific landlord insurance policies available on the market, to reduce the financial stress of property damage affecting a property portfolio during the remainder of 2015.

To find out more about our letting agency services in Bristol, simply call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.