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Why retirees are becoming important as tenants to Bristol landlords

Here at City Rental Services, we’ve noticed the huge variety and diversity of tenants looking for rented property in Bristol – and this is increasingly including retirees, too.


We read with interest recently this article from industry website Rentman on the growing importance of retirees to the rented property sector, highlighting interesting facts and figures – such as 26% of retirees in the UK now rent their homes.

Some of the main reasons why Bristol landlords should consider retiree-aged tenants, in our experience, include:

* A steady and stable tenant base addition

* Usually know the area and BS postcodes well

* Understand their financial commitments/priorities

* Appreciate the deal between landlord and tenant

* Great ‘Life’ experience, making them reliable option

* Often happy to contribute to property maintenance

The full article is well worth a read, and gives an interesting perspective on older tenants.

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Tenants spending 31% of income on rented properties in the UK

The BBC published a controversial story about rental properties and tenants’ expenditure this week from statistics via homelessness and housing charity Shelter, and here at City Rental Services we thought it was worth a closer examination. One of our main priorities is to monitor the market.


According to Shelter, 31% of people paying rent spend more than one third of their disposable income each month on rental payments – higher than the recommended figures for outlay on rental properties across the UK, as the basic benchmark of housing affordability.

Whilst the figures are concerning for some groups of people in vulnerable positions, or in reduced-income groups at risk of financial hardship across the country, it’s worth remembering that Bristol is one of the most prosperous, lively and exciting cities in the UK to live and work in.

Despite the BBC article and comments from Shelter, we believe it’s not only possible to have a good selection of rented accommodation in central BS postcodes, but at CRS we also try and ensure that the rents on offer for our professional and student tenants are also well-researched, appropriately priced, and not inflated.

This helps to increase tenant loyalty, for tenants to also stay in rented properties for longer, and for tenants to treat rental accommodation in our Bristol portfolio with greater respect.

With our 18 years’ experience in Bristol, we’re able to provide the very best letting agency advice to both tenants and landlords across the city, too.

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Why landlords in Bristol should treat their tenants well

It’s that time of year where all of us here at City Rental Services are in the midst of our Summer changeover – a busy time for all Bristol landlords, student tenants and professional tenants.

Lots of tenants are changing rented properties now, including young professionals, and as experts in dealing within the HMO market in Bristol, we’re used to working with young professionals and sharers of rented accommodation.

One of the areas that isn’t talked about often, but which we feel is really important, is that landlords in Bristol should be treating their tenants well.


The main reasons that landlords in Bristol should consider this are:

* Student tenants, for example, will be young professional sharers of rented accommodation in the city in the near future, and have already paid substantial rental income for 12 months.

* Tenants that respect their rented properties should also be respected by their landlords.

* Problem tenants are, in our experience, very much in the minority, and whether a tenant is moving out or moving into a rented property, landlords should be treating them well and maintaining a good relationship.

* The student tenants of today will be the doctors, teachers and pilots of tomorrow, and will be looking for rented properties in the future, too.

* When handling the return of rental deposits, landlords should do this fairly and quickly – it’s the decent thing to do after a year of investment performance on your rental portfolio.

* Some student rented accommodation in Bristol, for example, can yield over £35,000 per annum – we believe a landlord has a responsibility to treat these tenants well.

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