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Another successful student changeover for our Bristol lettings office

The management team here at City Rental Services are recovering after the annual student changeover – but what exactly does it entail, you might ask?

Student accommodation in Bristol from City Rental Services

After months of careful planning, legislation compliance and 1000’s of forms being electronically signed we at City Rental Services are proud to say, “It all went very well”.

On the 01st and 2nd of July, our office team moved approximately 400 City Rental Services students, into a range of student accommodation in Bristol.

It became clear that many months of forward planning in the cleaning, gardening and general upkeep departments made the swap a much smoother and easier task than in previous years.

With most of the work being carried out prior to the move in date by City Rental Services the landlords had only to test the fire and smoke alarms while checking in their tenants leaving time for resolving any deposit disputes and arranging for deposits to be refunded to outgoing tenants whilst attending to the needs of new tenants taking up occupation of their chosen homes for the student season 2016/2017.

This year our portfolio of letting-only landlords in Bristol have relied on whatever help they can get from us to help them cope with the ever-increasing legislative burdens imposed on property landlords.

Maybe the recent Brexit developments will keep the policy makers busy and give hard-pushed buy-to-let landlords more time to get on with the job of providing fairly priced and good quality rented accommodation in the BS postcodes that remain popular each year.

It won’t be long until November comes and it will be time to start over again!

But until then, we hope that all of our new students, their families, and our student property landlords in Bristol have a lovely summer.

Perhaps by choosing City Rental Services as your Letting only Landlord agency you will have more time for the summer pursuits, whether it may be festivals, football, tennis or just watching the tide roll in and out we wish you all well.

If you’re looking for advice on student accommodation in Bristol, please call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us – as an independent letting agency in Bristol, we’re here to help.

New student houses in Bristol for 2016-17 season now available

We’re really excited here at City Rental Services this week – with the start of our student accommodation season for 2016-17.

What this means, of course, is that we now have a new selection of student houses in Bristol ready to be viewed by incoming groups of new students.

Here’s a few pictures taken this week of one of our student houses in central Bristol, to give prospective student tenants an idea of our rented properties.

student accommodation in Bristol from City Rental Services

student rented accommodation in Bristol from City Rental Services

Student housing in Bristol from City Rental Services

We have over 50 rented student properties in various BS postcodes, ranging from 4-12 bedrooms, and covering areas such as Bishopston, Redland, St Andrews, Horfield and Clifton.

Prices range from £330 to £430 per person per month for our student houses and flats across Bristol.

To review our current list of student properties in Bristol, please visit here.

If you’re looking for student accommodation in Bristol, call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us – as an independent letting agency in Bristol, we’re here to help.

Alternatively, ring us on 0117 908 0057 today to discuss our student accommodation in Bristol in further detail.

Reflecting on moving 600 students into new rented accommodation in Bristol in 48 hours

When we get near the end of July it’s time to slow down a little and reflect on the last six months of preparation for the student changeover – and how we got through the two busiest days of the year at our central Bristol lettings agency, namely the 30th June and the 1st July.

Over these two days, some 600 students vacated the properties they had chosen by calling into our offices at 58 Gloucester Road.

A lot of preparation had been undertaken, cleaning, gardening, rubbish, removal boxes were packed, charity shops visited, and many trips to the tip were made.


On the 1st July, our Bristol landlords were ready and waiting for the new students who were eager to move into their new student rented accommodations in various BS postcodes across the city.

We came across some interesting comments, including from a cleaner who went to clean a student house including the kitchen, and noted in his report:

“I can’t clean the cooker” he wrote. We feared the next line, but it was “it is immaculate”.

Thanks to that group of students from an 8-bed house, who understood well what it means to move out properly: deposits got refunded quickly to that group. We really wish them the very best for their future careers.

A student landlord with another large student property in Bristol popped in to the office to say a big thank you to us for selecting such a nice group for his house.

He understands what it takes to be a good student landlord, he prepares the house well, and also provides cleaners – thanks Mr S!

Another landlord called in to say ”I understand the deal now: the students pay a lot of money and I have to put back in to my houses” – so he now pays for some of the cleaning himself during student tenant handover.

Some landlords may not understand the deal, and some student tenants don’t understand the deal either – both of these situations can lead to minor rental deposit refund disagreements. We try and get them all resolved if we are asked to help.

To our student tenants and student landlords in Bristol, we wish you all a successful year’s tenancy, and thank you for visiting us at 58 Gloucester Road.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol letting agency pop into see our expert lettings negotiators for an informal chat today.

Are you studying in Bristol and looking for student accommodation?

It’s this time of year at City Rental Services when the hunt in Bristol for student accommodation traditionally starts to go quiet as students leave the City for the Easter Holiday.


The first few months of the year are always busy with students sourcing rented accommodation in various BS postcodes – the larger ones go first, particularly those with 6-12 bedrooms, closely followed by student accommodation in the best condition and in the most desirable locations – but now it’s quiet until after the Easter Holiday.

When term restarts, the search for a student home resumes. The search continues right up until the new terms start on 23rd September for UWE students and on 29th September for Bristol University students.

At CRS, Founder Sue Powell says:

“We’re now heading into the second batch of student accommodation searching: luckily new rented properties become available to rent after Easter – sometimes due to new property purchases by landlords, planned refurbishments, or just late arrivals on our listings.”

“These properties can often be a bargain, and we have lots of choice after Easter, so don’t be afraid of missing out. If you haven’t found a student house yet for you or your group, make sure you’re on a Rightmove Student Property Alert and contact the BS7 letting agent City Rental Services for the latest additions to their student housing register.”

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

How can a letting agent in Bristol let so many student properties in Bristol in one month?

Here at City Rental Services, we wanted to dedicate a blog post to say thank you to all our student landlords in Bristol this week.

It’s always a pleasure to be given good quality, well-maintained, well-equipped houses to let: these are the ones that let first – usually in the first two weeks of the new student term.


Then we saw a deluge of applications for the large assortments of houses from 12 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms across BS6, BS7 and BS8 postcodes.

Discerning student tenants carefully pick and choose, often rejecting over-priced or poorly-maintained properties in favour of the decent deal offered by a ‘well trained’ student property investor who clearly understands the relationship between Landlord and Tenant in Bristol.

In our BS7 letting agency, we find that at the start of the year it’s a really busy time, getting all student rented properties marketed, signs and boards up and the office fully prepared for students starting the new Spring term and eager to find good value rented student accommodation.

The largest properties get viewed first, and then a combination of room numbers, the right rental price, and a good location bring applications flooding in.

Prices have increased a bit in BS7, but student tenants are always looking for value for money, and expect a good deal from us which they get. They are far more street savvy about BS-based rented properties.

We dealt with 50 student rented properties in one month alone, an increase of 10% on last year.

BS7 is increasingly popular, as it has the whole package – better value rents, lots of attractive and interesting mid-terrace rented properties with gardens, and many landlords completing houses to an excellent standard.

These landlords in Bristol are, of course, rewarded with the best student tenants, and this has been reflected in the increase in our business, too.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Bristol in 2014?

It’s been a busy start to the year for our team of expert lettings negotiators at City Rental Services, and we’re finding that students are already asking about student accommodation in Bristol for the 2014 season.

In fact, the student lettings market in Bristol starts early, and we have many student houses available listed on our website with more being listed daily.


The main thing is for student tenants in Bristol not to panic – there will be an extensive list of rented properties available and it’s a long time until 01st July!

Our lettings for student accommodation will continue through the Summer until October.

There are usually, however, a limited number of larger houses, and student accommodation in Bristol with eight-plus bedrooms tend to be let first so if you want a big house, shop early.

If you’re looking for student properties to rent across various BS postcodes in 2014, set up email alerts for the following websites:

Rightmove student properties

City Rental Services

City Property Lets

These websites are updated daily, so sign up and register with each to be the first to know what’s available in the student lettings market in Bristol this year.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Bristol students – is your rented accommodation ready when you drive home for Christmas?

It’s that time of year where our expert lettings negotiators at City Rental Services are starting to provide advice to student tenants and landlords in Bristol as the Christmas holidays loom ahead for many students in the city.


And with many student tenants returning home for between 4-5 weeks, it’s important to make sure that student rented accommodation is ready for the long festive break, to avoid unwelcome problems occurring.

Don’t forget to do the following things before leaving for Christmas:

* Watch out for Jack Frost attacking the boiler! Leave heating on low to prevent burst pipes during snaps of cold weather.

* Clean up before you go – bins, fridges, freezer and shower all scrubbed to prevent build-ups of dirt and mould.

* Turn off as many appliances as possible – TV, printers and computers all to standby, to save electricity.

* Who’s the last one out? Check doors and windows, and make sure there’s consistency in all locking systems.

* 2014 is coming – don’t forget to check out our new list of student houses available for the upcoming 2014 Student Letting Season.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Bristol landlords – where are you with your property to let in Bristol?

At City Rental Services September is a month where there’s often a shortage of flats and houses to rent in Bristol for student accommodation, with the large number of student tenants starting college and University courses in the city.


Whether you own a student property in Bristol, or a one-bedroom or two-bedroom flat or house for professional letting, there’s never a better time to bring it to the market. Bristol landlords can benefit from the current rented property shortage – with the right professional help, of course.

We’re finding that the majority of student rented properties and professional lettings are all taken, with many students staying on in the city to work and live after graduation.

At the moment, we only have a couple of rented properties left on our books after an incredibly busy Summer and fresh start to the new academic year.

We’ve noticed increased visits to our website in recent weeks, with more potential student tenants looking for properties to rent in Bristol.

Landlords, if you have any properties left to rent and are struggling to find decent student tenants and professional tenants, come in and see us at our Gloucester Road offices. We’ll help you to get it let in September.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

City Rental Services appoints a new Lettings Negotiator in Bristol

We’re really pleased this week at City Rental Services to announce the appointment of a new Lettings Negotiator in our central Bristol lettings agency offices.



Ben Cowles (pictured) joins us due to the growth of our expanding student market.

As a recent graduate himself, 22-year-old Ben has made a great start as a Lettings Negotiator and is already showing us the benefit of a student perspective when it comes to maximizing opportunities in the student rental market.

Ben will be involved with viewings, rented property inspections, property inventories, collating photos of rented properties in our Bristol portfolio, uploading rented property details online, and helping to market student accommodation available in Bristol in his new role with us.

As a well-established and forward-thinking lettings agency in Bristol, it’s great to welcome young blood to the team, and get even more in tune with the student tenants and young professional tenants we deal with here daily.

We still have a few student properties left to rent for student accommodation in Bristol, too, so speak to Ben or one of the team at our Gloucester Road-based offices to find out more details.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Helping student tenants find their perfect property in Bristol

At City Rental Services, working with student tenants to find their perfect rented properties in Bristol forms a large part of what we do as a lettings agency.

And this becomes even more important as we approach August, the time of year when students going through the UCAS clearing system are looking for last-minute availability on rented properties across the city.

It can be a difficult task for them, too, with student Halls already full. Most student tenants in this difficult position will go online to try and find suitable rented accommodation in Bristol, which can be stressful – even before they’ve arrived to start their studying and a new life in Bristol.

This is where we can help.

At City Rental Services, we’re happy to rent room-by-room for student tenants as required, and we try to match college courses and interests with our shared student accommodation where possible in Bristol.

We specialise in providing late student placement in rented property, and this can be especially important for foreign students coming to Bristol and looking for last-minute accommodation in the city.

It’s crucial to remember that good quality rented property is a fundamental part of a student’s college life, and we believe that student tenants should be well cared-for by their letting agent.

After all, the first three months at college from October to December are when many students will make friends for life. Their accommodation helps this to happen in our experience, and of course happy tenants makes us happy, too!

If you have any queries about our central Bristol letting agency, please feel free to contact us here.