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Another successful student changeover for our Bristol lettings office

The management team here at City Rental Services are recovering after the annual student changeover – but what exactly does it entail, you might ask?

Student accommodation in Bristol from City Rental Services

After months of careful planning, legislation compliance and 1000’s of forms being electronically signed we at City Rental Services are proud to say, “It all went very well”.

On the 01st and 2nd of July, our office team moved approximately 400 City Rental Services students, into a range of student accommodation in Bristol.

It became clear that many months of forward planning in the cleaning, gardening and general upkeep departments made the swap a much smoother and easier task than in previous years.

With most of the work being carried out prior to the move in date by City Rental Services the landlords had only to test the fire and smoke alarms while checking in their tenants leaving time for resolving any deposit disputes and arranging for deposits to be refunded to outgoing tenants whilst attending to the needs of new tenants taking up occupation of their chosen homes for the student season 2016/2017.

This year our portfolio of letting-only landlords in Bristol have relied on whatever help they can get from us to help them cope with the ever-increasing legislative burdens imposed on property landlords.

Maybe the recent Brexit developments will keep the policy makers busy and give hard-pushed buy-to-let landlords more time to get on with the job of providing fairly priced and good quality rented accommodation in the BS postcodes that remain popular each year.

It won’t be long until November comes and it will be time to start over again!

But until then, we hope that all of our new students, their families, and our student property landlords in Bristol have a lovely summer.

Perhaps by choosing City Rental Services as your Letting only Landlord agency you will have more time for the summer pursuits, whether it may be festivals, football, tennis or just watching the tide roll in and out we wish you all well.

If you’re looking for advice on student accommodation in Bristol, please call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us – as an independent letting agency in Bristol, we’re here to help.

Student accommodation in Bristol defies the UK recession trend

At City Rental Services we know what a fantastic city Bristol is for the provision of high-quality student accommodation, for both undergraduates and postgraduates, in the popular BS postcodes preferred: BS6, BS7, and BS8.


In our Gloucester Road office recently we come across this news story from the Bristol Post, highlighting a boom in student accommodation, despite the recession trend in rented property across other UK cities.

As experts in the student lettings market in Bristol, we read the article with interest, and whilst we’re preparing for the student lettings season for 2014-15, CRS is monitoring the market, to ensure that student property landlords in Bristol get the correct market rental level for their properties.

If you’re a student looking for quality rented accommodation across those ever-popular postcodes BS6, BS7, and BS8, or a landlord with student accommodation to offer in Bristol, feel free to pop into our Gloucester Road offices for a no-obligation chat.

Or check out our properties now being listed on www.rightmove.co.uk/students or on our two web sites:

www.city-rental-services.co.uk and www.city-property-lets.co.uk

There will be a large selection of student houses from two to 11 beds advertised, with over 100 to choose from by Christmas.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Bins Out campaign drives recycling awareness to Bristol student tenants

At City Rental Services we’ve seen a month-long Bins Out campaign in action from Bristol City Council working in partnership with the University of West of England and Bristol University and Police Community Support officers, to raise awareness amongst student tenant households in Bristol.


The aim of the Bins Out campaign is to highlight the need for student tenants across the City to be good neighbours, and to recycle household waste wherever possible.

Full story details on the Bins Out campaign can be seen here.

There’s also a responsibility with landlords in Bristol, to educate their tenants on waste management.

If you have new tenants in rented properties and student accommodation in Bristol, don’t forget to remind them about the waste and recycling services available in Bristol.

A green wheelie bin is also useful, but there is an associated cost: another option can be a visit to a local tip, but this also incurs commercial waste costs in some instances. Ultimately, waste management and recycling matter.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.