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Our Gloucester Road lettings agency welcomes students back to Bristol

It’s that time of the year where the team at City Rental Services welcomes back our student tenants.

Term-time has started at both UWE and Bristol University, and we’ve come across a few useful resources for students in the city to make use of.

studetn accommodation in Bristol

According to Bishopston Voice magazine, around 14,000 free bin labels will be supplied to student residents in Bristol – on which their house number is written – in a bid to prevent confusion over who is responsible for individual bins.

Another great resource for new students in Bristol is the website www.lovewhereyoulivebristol.co.uk, packed with information on tenant and landlord responsibilities, the waste calendar for Bristol refuse, student union calendar of events, top tips on being a good neighbour, as well as community contacts. It’s a great resource in one simple online place for student tenants.

New students in Bristol setting up a home for the first time can also find great deals on furnishings, fittings and fixtures at local stores such as:

Bishopston Hardware

Bristol Ikea

Bristol B&Q

If you’re looking for advice on student accommodation in Bristol from a leading independent lettings agency, call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.

Ready for the big Bristol student accommodation move-in on 01st July?

It’s nearly the 1st of July, and the end of a long hard six months since we started marketing our student properties.

Here at City Rental Services on Gloucester Road we try to provide a good choice of properties for the students from both the University of Bristol and University of the West of England.


Our choice of properties ranges from two beds to twelve beds.

During the first six months of the year, groups of students – usually first years preparing for their second year of studies – call into our office at 58 Gloucester Road BS7 to check through our books for a bargain a house offered at a very reasonable price to help with the problems of balancing a student budget, or maybe they push the boat out and for a more expensive house with better facilities.

The rents range from £250 to over £400: of course, the cheaper ones will be far less well appointed, in more outlying areas, or may present a few more challenges in terms of wear and tear or maintenance.

Although City Rental Service offers a letting only service as an introduction to the owner landlords, we do our very best to help during the year with any issues that can arise between Landlord and Tenant – we act as an information centre, a helpdesk.

Now the tenancies are concluding for many of last year’s customers, there are issues relating to deposit refunds, house cleanliness, rubbish removal even disagreements between Landlord and Tenant or Tenant and Landlord.

To both parties, has the deal been fair and reasonable, did you do your bit?

Let’s get the houses empty, clean and tidy and ready for the new groups.  Let’s not fall out over minor issues, let’s avoid tenancy deposit issues, where rents are paid in full and the house left in a reasonable condition, and Landlords let’s get those deposits refunded quickly and spend the time looking forward.

New groups are waiting for their keys on the 1st July 2014 keen to move into their new BS7 student properties, to get settled in, and then off to enjoy the Summer holidays.

Don’t forget to get insurance – there are lots of good companies ready to offer student insurance. We came across www.studentcover4you.co.uk this week, with no locks on individual bedroom doors required. Let’s get moving!

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about student rented accommodation in Bristol.

Welcome back to BS7 – student tenants’ guide to Gloucester Road

At City Rental Services the start of September usually means the annual influx of new student tenants coming to Bristol to start their studying careers for another year.

This also means a large increase in the number of student accommodation being filled in BS7, as well as more shoppers using the resources offered by Gloucester Road, too.


So, for those students coming to Bristol for the first time and moving into student accommodation in BS7, here’s our guide to some of the best facilities on Gloucester Road to visit and enjoy:

Moda Hairdressing


Gloucester Road Art Shop

Post Office


Planet Pizza

Atomic Burger


If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

A flurry of activity in BS7 as the Bristol student accommodation season starts for 2013

It’s that time of year when our Gloucester Road-based lettings agency enjoys a flurry of activity for rented property in the BS7 postcode – due to the start of the student accommodation season.

This means a hectic period for our lettings negotiators, as we prepare for the annual influx of students looking for quality rented accommodation in Bristol.


All of our new student rental properties are loaded onto the main City Rental Services’ website with new images as well as the other online portals we use, rental values are discussed with Bristol landlords, conversations happen with current student tenants to see which ones are looking to remain in their current rented accommodation for the coming year, postcodes are checked to ensure all properties are listed accurately and can be located easily for any viewings.

We also co-ordinate viewings between students, prospective landlords and our office for rented flats and houses across Bristol, and we look after between 600-700 students looking for rented accommodation across the city.

It’s a busy time! We never forget to treat our students and landlords individually, however: last week, we had a Bristol landlord in our letting agency offices, requesting the following tasks to be managed for him:

  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Damp patches eradicated internally
  • Roof repair carried out
  • Gardens tidied and trees/bushes cut
  • Rubbish removed appropriately

So, alongside daily emails coming in and rental deposits being paid, it’s a great start to the year, with lots of well-positioned student rented accommodation available at City Rental Services – especially in the BS7 postcode this year.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.