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Another successful student changeover for our Bristol lettings office

The management team here at City Rental Services are recovering after the annual student changeover – but what exactly does it entail, you might ask?

Student accommodation in Bristol from City Rental Services

After months of careful planning, legislation compliance and 1000’s of forms being electronically signed we at City Rental Services are proud to say, “It all went very well”.

On the 01st and 2nd of July, our office team moved approximately 400 City Rental Services students, into a range of student accommodation in Bristol.

It became clear that many months of forward planning in the cleaning, gardening and general upkeep departments made the swap a much smoother and easier task than in previous years.

With most of the work being carried out prior to the move in date by City Rental Services the landlords had only to test the fire and smoke alarms while checking in their tenants leaving time for resolving any deposit disputes and arranging for deposits to be refunded to outgoing tenants whilst attending to the needs of new tenants taking up occupation of their chosen homes for the student season 2016/2017.

This year our portfolio of letting-only landlords in Bristol have relied on whatever help they can get from us to help them cope with the ever-increasing legislative burdens imposed on property landlords.

Maybe the recent Brexit developments will keep the policy makers busy and give hard-pushed buy-to-let landlords more time to get on with the job of providing fairly priced and good quality rented accommodation in the BS postcodes that remain popular each year.

It won’t be long until November comes and it will be time to start over again!

But until then, we hope that all of our new students, their families, and our student property landlords in Bristol have a lovely summer.

Perhaps by choosing City Rental Services as your Letting only Landlord agency you will have more time for the summer pursuits, whether it may be festivals, football, tennis or just watching the tide roll in and out we wish you all well.

If you’re looking for advice on student accommodation in Bristol, please call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us – as an independent letting agency in Bristol, we’re here to help.

Hints and advice on how Bristol landlords can deal with student accommodation changeovers

Here at City Rental Services we’re looking at that time of the year when Bristol property landlords can get hassled, stressed and over-whelmed – the student accommodation changeover. We help more than 700 students move in.

advice for Bristol lanldords on managing student accommodation changeovers from City Rental Services

And with the student cycle entering the changeover period, here’s a quick guide filled with hints and advice on how property landlords in Bristol can make it a less stressful experience for themselves and student tenants.

Here’s our top tips to ensure that all student tenancies end promptly in 2016:

Serve Notice to all student tenants.

You must serve notice even to fixed-term tenancies. Whilst most students will move on, it’s important to cover yourself in the event of a refusal to leave.

Serving notice is a legal requirement and should be accompanied with the selected tenancy deposit scheme’s prescribed information.

Make sure the Law is on your side and serve Notice. This should be done two months before each student tenancy is due to expire.

Be friendly to your student tenants.

In Bristol, back-to-back tenancies mean there’s often no gap between a student tenant group moving out and new tenants moving in.

This means that landlords can rely on student tenants to ensure the property is in order for the next group. Throughout June, visit the property more frequently to check on progress being made.

Don’t instruct large maintenance jobs until affected tenant’s exams are over.

Work with the attitude that the empathy and respect you show will be returned by your student tenants.

Buy a notepad and make lists.

Make sure you know what’s happening and when. Student accommodation inspection checklists help ensure that work gets done.

Curb unnecessary trips to IKEA and save fuel by ensuring your list details everything you need.

Accuracy will help if you need to claim any deposit money at a later stage. For example – if a chair needs replacing, note in which room it’s located and the exact nature of the damage.

Find a good cleaner.

We believe that with the right encouragement many student tenants are fantastic and will get the properties cleaned appropriately.

However, sometimes a professional cleaner will be required. It is a busy time for student property cleaners in Bristol, so book these well in advance so your rented properties are organized.

Talk to your student tenants.

Tell your student tenants about your expectations. Tell them about the cleaning expected. Tell them where you want the keys placed in the student properties. Explain to them the process of returning their deposits, so they understand – otherwise, your phone will ring 80 times asking for ‘My deposit’. And, finally, make sure you have a forwarding address for each student tenant when they move out.

If you’re looking for advice on managing student accommodation in Bristol, please call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us – as an independent letting agency in Bristol, we’re here to help.

Things to do when moving into student accommodation in Bristol

After a hectic start to July at City Rental Services, when we moved 600 students into new rented accommodation in Bristol within 48 hours, it’s time to consider next steps for our student tenants in various BS postcodes.

And with the heady rush of moving into new student homes in Bristol now completed, and more than 100 student properties changing hands from our busy offices at 58 Gloucester Road, new student tenants need to get their checklists organised and start reviewing their new homes.

Free checklist for students moving into new rented accommodation in Bristol

Some of the top priorities when moving into new student accommodation include:

* Check your property inventory when you get it to make sure it’s correct

* Read all utility meters – especially gas and electric – and take photos of all meters on a smartphone to keep as reference

* Find out if your water meter is on quarterly or half-yearly billing

* Email Bristol City Council Tax department with your Student Number for your new property

* Ensure that you have the full allocation of rubbish bins for the property

* Confirm your landlord’s telephone number and email address

* Find out who the current utility suppliers are and who in the house will deal with any issues: establish a chain of command for resolving problems

* Let your landlord know if the property will be empty over the Summer

* Remember that living in a shared student house means working together

If you’re unsure about what to do as a student tenant in Bristol, feel free to come in and see us with your queries or concerns. We’re happy to help.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol letting agency pop into see our expert lettings negotiators on Gloucester Road for an informal chat today.

Things to do when you leaving your student property in Bristol

We’ve been talking recently on our rented property blog at City Rental Services about considerations for Bristol students preparing for the big annual move out of rented student accommodation in BS postcodes.

And this week, we’re focusing on things to do when you leave your student property in Bristol to ensure that a messy house doesn’t cause a dent in the return of your rental deposit.


As a leading provider of rented student accommodation in Bristol, we deal with 100’s of student tenants every year, and here’s a few key things to remember before you hand your keys back to a student landlord or letting agency at the end of this academic year:

* At least 5 days before moving out – defrost the fridge freezer and clean the entire property.

* Collect post forwarding addresses and/or address changes for all co-tenants.

* Make an appointment to give keys and forwarding addresses to landlord.

* Clear all rubbish and recycling, including visiting local tips with all items.

* Make a plan with your co-tenants – who is doing what, such as cleaning, notifying utilities companies, clearing rubbish, replacing furniture, checking all property inventories, ensuring that all rent has been paid, and checking where all co-tenants are going at the end of the year.

* Tell your landlord if anything is broken and be upfront – this saves time in dealing with the rental deposits in the long run.

* So, if there are six student tenants in the rented property this means six cleaned bedrooms and all communal areas should be spotlessly tidy.

* If there are any issues, speak to the landlord immediately, and remember that a new set of student tenants are waiting to move into your rented property.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.