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Why retirees are becoming important as tenants to Bristol landlords

Here at City Rental Services, we’ve noticed the huge variety and diversity of tenants looking for rented property in Bristol – and this is increasingly including retirees, too.


We read with interest recently this article from industry website Rentman on the growing importance of retirees to the rented property sector, highlighting interesting facts and figures – such as 26% of retirees in the UK now rent their homes.

Some of the main reasons why Bristol landlords should consider retiree-aged tenants, in our experience, include:

* A steady and stable tenant base addition

* Usually know the area and BS postcodes well

* Understand their financial commitments/priorities

* Appreciate the deal between landlord and tenant

* Great ‘Life’ experience, making them reliable option

* Often happy to contribute to property maintenance

The full article is well worth a read, and gives an interesting perspective on older tenants.

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