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What can the Olympics teach us about letting properties in Bristol?

At City Rental Services, we watched the Olympics with pride, excitement and enjoyment – as did so many others. An incredible series of events, and wonderful for the UK.

One of the things which stood out for many Bristolians watching the Games was the staggering success of the British cycling team.

The example of the British cycling team is a good one, too. Did you know that the helmets used by the team were designed and manufactured in Bristol?

Read here for more information on the amazing collaboration between Bristol businesses to help the cycling team power their way to Olympic success.

The helmets were specially designed for each individual cyclist, utilising an innovative honeycomb design, and ensuring that each helmet fitted the cyclists perfectly. A uniform, standard approach wasn’t going to get Gold!

The British cycling team enjoyed huge success – largely because they had the right investment. And, importantly, they were helped when it was needed.

This got us thinking here in the central Bristol offices of our lettings agency about lessons the Olympics can teach us all in our daily lives – and in how we deliver our services as a leading independent lettings agency in Bristol.

At our Gloucester Road offices, our team of Bristol lettings negotiators work hard to get a perfect fit for each tenant, too.

Our approach is simple: we try to listen first, to quantify our tenants’ needs. Then we match up what our Bristol landlords are looking for, in terms of ideal tenants. Finally, we tailor our rented properties in Bristol to fit both parties, all being well!  It may not always work perfectly, but we do our very best for both parties.

For example, during the student year 2011/2012 we had an Architecture student looking for rented property in Bristol. We ensured that he had a larger desk in his room, to meet his requirements whilst studying his Architecture postgrad degree.

His rented accommodation in Bristol also had a great view from the bedroom window, to inspire him as he put together architecture designs.  Following a successful Graduation he now has a great new job and home, and even a puppy.

If you have any queries about our central Bristol letting agency, please feel free to contact us here.