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Bristol landlords – are you missing out on the Green Deal?

At City Rental Services we’ve been keeping a close eye on the Green Deal for our landlords and professional and student tenants, to make sure they’re getting the best benefits from this energy-saving scheme.


And, with news coming this week from the National Landlords’ Association (NLA) of a sizeable increase in the number of Green Deal assessments recently, it looks like the scheme is growing.

In essence, the Green Deal enables landlords in Bristol to make energy efficiency improvements to their rented properties to benefit their tenants, and reduce ongoing energy costs, via an all-in-one solution.

Richard Lambert, CEO of the NLA, commented:

“Landlords only have a few years to comply with the scheme until their hands will be forced. And with the private-rented sector playing such an important role in the provision of housing, this is a key opportunity for them to prove they are able to self-regulate.”

It’s important for landlords in Bristol to have a look at the Green Deal to see what they can get out of it, and how their tenants can benefit. Are you missing out? To find out more, visit here or call 01844 265439.

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More EPC legislation changes affect rental properties in Bristol

We blogged from our Gloucester Road-based lettings agency offices last year about EPC ratings and legislation, and now further new rules came into force this month, which will affect all rental properties in Bristol.


As of 09th January 2013, all marketing must have (as a minimum) the EPC rating indicated. It is no longer essential to have the full EPC document, however if possible, the front page should be included.

Landlords in Bristol can access EPC documents at www.epcregister.com

All EPC’s are uploaded to this website and the EPC ratings must be shown for each property they are marketing – including bedsits.

Landlords, its time to really familiarise yourself with the EPC rating for YOUR PROPERTY. Don’t forget if the EPC rating is too low, you WILL need to improve the energy performance of your property. It shouldn’t be below an E rating.

We welcome this – after all, it gives tenants a better picture of the energy efficiency of the rental house or apartment in Bristol, energy costs are lower.

So, the property is more attractive, tenants stay longer, cutting out costly changeovers, too.

To find out more about EPC ratings, legislation changes, and the impact on tenants and landlords in Bristol, read this useful piece from the Landlords’ Guild.

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A Green Deal update for landlords in Bristol

At City Rental Services,  we’ve been keeping a close eye on the Green Deal, and blogged about it recently.

It’s important for landlords in Bristol to appreciate the impact of last year’s Energy Act, and to appreciate how their rental property values in Bristol could be affected if they don’t take action before the Act legally requires them to.

We came across this useful article highlighting some of the issues being raised alongside the Green Deal.

Our response is speedy – we’re currently undertaking a full review of all our letting-only portfolio of properties in Bristol, to establish which properties are currently an F or G rating for energy efficiency.

It’s also worth considering that to consistently rent out a property in Bristol, appliances will need to be energy efficient, and with a regard to EPC ratings, remember A-E is good, whilst F-G appliances may need replacing, including insulation improved and windows checked.

Other considerations are the overall efficiency of the heating in a rented property, including measures such as wall cavity insulation.

Are you ready for the new Green Deal?

Consider the overall efficiency of the property, as tenants do take this into consideration when choosing a rented property in Bristol.

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The new Energy Act – and why Bristol Landlords need to act now

At City Rental Services, we keep on top of ongoing housing and rented property legislation, to better inform our Bristol tenants and landlords of laws affecting them.

One interesting pieces of  Government legislation we’ve come across recently are the Government’s suggestions around providing low-cost loans which are recoverable via energy bills, as a way of encompassing the new ‘Green Deal’ as outlined in the 2011 Energy Act.

This has been taken a step further, with funds being now provided for landlords to buy various improvements items such as wood burning stoves, shutter, under-floor heating and insulation for rented properties in Bristol.

The new Act will have some potentially major problems for high-energy-consuming properties when it comes into force.

Landlords and tenants alike in the Bristol rented property sector are expected to be affected by the legislation when it comes into effect in October 2012 – it’s all about improving the energy efficiency of a property to achieve Government targets.

And take note: the initial recommendations are for the project to be self-financing for landlords with rented property in Bristol via energy bills.

The second stages of the Act will come into play between 2012 and 2016, to include provisions that by April 2016, private residential landlords will not be able to refuse a tenant’s reasonable request for consent to energy efficient improvements – where a finance package (such as the ‘Green Deal’ and/or the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) are available.

Provisions in the Act also allow for powers to be granted to ensure that from April 2018, it will be unlawful to rent out a residential or business property which does not reach a minimum energy efficiency standard – the intention is for this to be set at EPC rating E.

Furthermore, as we approach 2018, properties in Bands F and G valuations will begin to drop. Landlords in Bristol should begin acting now to consider a plan of improvements sooner rather than later.

As more on the Act comes into the public domain, it is clear that it is important for Bristol-based landlords with city centre properties built many years ago need to take note of the ‘Green Deal’, and the potential to damage their properties’ Rental Value. More to follow on this in a few weeks from us.

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