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Does your rented accommodation in Bristol have damp or mould?

Here at City Rental Services, we usually find that this time of year can be when rented accommodation in Bristol is more susceptible to damp and mould.

This is a responsibility issue for all tenants – remember, your landlord does not live with you, and if you have signs of mould or damp in your rented property in Bristol, it’s your responsibility to contact your landlord about this.


So, firstly it’s important to ascertain whether it is damp or mould. Your landlord should visit and assess what the contributory factors are and identify the causes.

This article could be useful. 

On the whole, landlords are keen to respond to these issues and would firstly want to assess the fabric of the building to identify the causes of the mould whether damp or condensation.

In some cases of mould spore growth this is directly attributable to internal issues such as:

* Lack of ventilation in bathroom – does it need a mechanical vent fitting?

* Trickle vents needed in UPVC windows?

* Daily opening of curtains and/or blinds?

* Consider how clothes get dried? Might be time to buy a condensing tumbledryer: visit Nailsea Electrical and Eddy’s Domestic Appliances on Gloucester Road.

* Eradicate mould thoroughly and effectively and quickly.

* Use a dehumidifier until tile moisture levels drop to normal.

* Utilise bathroom or kitchen paints where appropriate – try a local Wicks or B&Q.

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