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Exciting new developments at our central Bristol lettings agency

It’s exciting times at the moment here at City Rental Services, due mainly to our amazing team.

Following the recent launch of our new July 2015 student rented property list – you can read all about it here.

leading property rentals in Bristol from City Rental Services

We’re delighted with the responses to date: several properties are already under offer, but more importantly utilising our new, highly efficient, fully automated online system – and now including electronic document signing.

This new system allows us more time for viewings of student properties from our great selection of 3-12 bed houses and flats in BS6, BS5, BS8 and BS2.

This also gives us more time to discuss the needs of our landlords and prospective tenants. The system is fast and efficient, and we love it!

Thanks, Wendy – the in-house driving force behind our new system.

If you’re looking for advice on rented property in Bristol from a leading independent lettings agency, call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.

Just when you thought it was safe to consider a holiday – let’s talk about rented property Licensing

Well, you have to give it to Bristol City Council, there’s never a dull moment – and in the Autumn Edition of the Landlords News we hear that Discretionary Licensing has been approved by the Council cabinet. The scheme is for the Easton and Lawrence Hill area.

ALL private landlords are to licence their rented properties. There has been consultation, the licensing scheme will ensure that landlords meet certain standards, and tenants meet a minimum standard of behaviour.
Those landlords already running licensed HMO’s will be well aware of the ‘fit and proper’ criteria, but this could be new to many other landlords running smaller properties in the Easton and Lawrence Hill area.

Bristol City council say that their fee for compliant landlords will be one of the lowest in the country, but fail to comply and the fee will be much higher.

As we approach Spring 2013 further details of the scheme will become clear.  There will be two parts to the scheme, discretionary Licenses that will apply to HMO’s, and Selective Licences for the single-family unit houses.

The quality of rented accommodation in Easton and Lawrence Hill is thought to be sub-standard, and the introduction of the scheme will empower the Council to oversee more closely rented properties in this area of Bristol and to bring about a raising of standards.

Maybe the introduction of this scheme in an area that is heavily-tenanted by the Private Rented sector will encourage landlords not only that owning properties in this area but in other areas, too, to maintain a higher standard.

If landlords do not look after their tenants to an adequate standard, then sooner or later the Council will step in and intervene. Landlords, you owe it to your tenants to look after them, your property is a great investment – treasure it and treasure your tenants.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.