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Property maintenance tips in late Autumn for Bristol property landlords

With Autumn upon us here at City Rental Services, this week our rented property blog in Bristol is all about general maintenance.

tips on rented property maintenance from City Rental Services

Bristol Landlords – a few tips for checking your properties before Winter really sets in.

Our top tips for you are:

  • Clear all guttering and pipes of debris, leaves and rubbish
  • Ensure that all pipework is ready for Winter and won’t freeze – this includes checking the condensate pipes, overflows. and gutters for leaks
  • Remove rubbish from gardens and front of house areas
  • Get the central heating system serviced and make sure your gas safety is up to date
  • Check for any issues in student houses over Christmas holiday period when the house may be empty.
  • Check for condensation and demould, then advise tenants how to minimise condensation and to ventilate the property
  • Regularly put on heating in all properties during Autumn and Winter months during any absences

If you’re looking for advice on how to manage and maintain a property portfolio in Bristol, call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us – as an independent letting agency in Bristol, we’re here to help.


2015 predictions for the rented property sector in Bristol

With a New Year now here, the team at City Rental Services, are considering 2015 predictions for the rented property sector in Bristol, and how this might affect our landlords and professional and student tenants in various BS postcodes this year.

rented property in Bristol from City Rental Services

We found this interesting and useful article recently, highlighting a few common themes for the private rented property sector in the UK for the next 12 months, namely:

* 30% of the UK housing stock could be accounted for by rented properties by 2020

* The private rented property market will continue to be a growth sector in 2015

* Under-35s will still focus on rented property rather than property ownership for the immediate future

This positive news for landlords in Bristol for 2015 is also bolstered by another article here, discussing how more than half of all UK landlords plan to expand their property portfolios during 2015.

We predict that property landlords in Bristol will increase their property stock across the city, to provide more choice for tenants looking for rented accommodation in popular postcodes such as BS6, BS7, BS8 and BS2.

Bristol’s rented property sector remains buoyant, with increasing demand for good quality and affordable rented houses and flats. 2015 will undoubtedly see more of the same, and we’re looking forward to providing our best customer service to landlords and tenants old and new in the year ahead.

If you’re looking for advice on rented property in Bristol from a leading independent lettings agency in 2015, call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.


City Rental Services rescues Harry the Hamster from empty student accommodation in Bristol!

At City Rental Services, we’ve had a funny little incident this week involving one of our recently vacated student properties in Bristol and a left-behind furry friend.


On inspecting the vacated student property in BS7, one of our senior lettings negotiators Michaela Thompson (pictured) came across a hamster that had been left behind in the student accommodation.

After rescuing Harry the Hamster and bringing him back to our Gloucester Road offices, we put out the word to find him a good home – and, we’re pleased to say, Harry the Hamster was re-homed by the end of the day!

It was certainly one of the more unusual days at our central Bristol lettings agency, but it made the entire team smile, and it was rewarding to see Harry get a fabulous new home into the bargain as well. A brilliant effort by all.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Is your Bristol rented property up to date with gas safety checks?

At City Rental Services one of the biggest elements of our letting agency expertise comes in delivering the right advice at the right time to our professional tenants and student tenants looking for rented accommodation in Bristol.

This advice also includes making sure that our landlords are keeping on top of legal requirements – such as gas safety checks in rented properties.


It’s a landlord’s responsibility to ensure that all gas appliances are safe and that yearly checks are carried out.

When moving into your new rented home in Bristol, one of the first things most tenants do is to read gas and electric meters, to gain accurate readings to pass onto utility providers. Many tenants take photos of their meter readings, to ensure an accurate record is kept for all future bills.

It’s also important to establish who the current providers are – we have a free handy reference guide at our Gloucester Road-based offices, listing helpline numbers for British Gas, EDF Energy, Bristol Wessex Water and Bristol City Council services.

When choosing gas and electric providers for your rented property, it’s also worth setting up new accounts with one tenant as the main account holder for each utility, to avoid one individual being responsible for all utilities provided.

You can get a quick and simple set of hints for gas safety from the Gas Safety Register website here.

By law, gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register, so make sure you ask to see their ID card and be safe with gas checks in your rented home.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Bristol rental market on the move as UK properties rise again

We’ve saw an encouraging article at City Rental Services last week from Property Wire, highlighting that UK rental property values are on the up again this year.


The article reveals how UK-based rental property activity has soared 22% year-on-year, as the supply of rental homes is boosted by improved buy-to-let mortgage availability.

And whilst the trend for the whole UK appears to be a positive one, there has also been an increase in tenant demand. This is certainly the case in Bristol.

We’ve seen an increased request for rental family homes in Bristol, as more homes are being sold, flats are letting more quickly, and property in general is on the market for a shorter period of time.

Our advice? Landlords in Bristol need to have rental properties clean and tidy as the market in the city hots up.

It’s also important to remember that whilst some rental values will be naturally uplifted due to tenant demand, even rental properties that have been static for a while could gain additional rental incomes during the remainder of the year.

Are you a landlord in Bristol and need impartial advice on how to maximize the rental return on your property or portfolio of properties? Pop in to see our team of negotiators on Gloucester Road and have a chat with us.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Top 6 considerations for finding a rented property in Bristol in Spring

At City Rental Services we notice seasonal variations in how tenants source rented properties in Bristol during the course of the year – and Spring is no exception.

Despite some of the incredible weather recently, when Spring arrives and tenants looking for rented accommodation in Bristol visit us, we advise them according to the season and the type of lifestyle they want to enjoy.


So, with the promise of warmer weather and sunny times ahead, here’s our top six considerations for finding a rented property in Bristol this Spring:

* How well do you really know Bristol

If you’re looking for good quality rented property in the city, let a reputable, well-established leading lettings agency help you navigate around Bristol, and to highlight the pros and cons of different postcodes such as BS5, BS6 and BS8.

* Consider the season

During the Spring and Summer, consider the available outdoor space with rented properties in Bristol you’re viewing. There may also be communal spaces, gardens, or proximity to parks and woodlands to enjoy the sun.

* Family & friends

It’s worth reviewing any requirements for schools, nurseries, bars, restaurants, and clubs when viewing rented properties. You can also find out information online from resources such as www.whatsonbristol.co.uk and www.bishopstonmatters.co.uk, as well as magazines including Bristol Magazine and Folio.

* Budget

Talk to your letting agent about different areas and postcodes in Bristol, to get the best value for money and also to gain an objective viewpoint about renting in the city.

* Free source of information

Any decent letting agency in Bristol should provide a brilliant source of free information to a potential tenant about the city, with a solid knowledge of the rental marketplace. They should also advise you on legislation, such as EPC ratings.

* Running costs

During the Spring and Summer, running costs for rented properties are usually lower than in Autumn and Winter months. It’s worth talking to your letting agent about ongoing running costs, including a rented property’s EPC rating, which should be included with any rented property information. Visit here for further information and ask your letting agent for details.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

What can the Olympics teach us about letting properties in Bristol?

At City Rental Services, we watched the Olympics with pride, excitement and enjoyment – as did so many others. An incredible series of events, and wonderful for the UK.

One of the things which stood out for many Bristolians watching the Games was the staggering success of the British cycling team.

The example of the British cycling team is a good one, too. Did you know that the helmets used by the team were designed and manufactured in Bristol?

Read here for more information on the amazing collaboration between Bristol businesses to help the cycling team power their way to Olympic success.

The helmets were specially designed for each individual cyclist, utilising an innovative honeycomb design, and ensuring that each helmet fitted the cyclists perfectly. A uniform, standard approach wasn’t going to get Gold!

The British cycling team enjoyed huge success – largely because they had the right investment. And, importantly, they were helped when it was needed.

This got us thinking here in the central Bristol offices of our lettings agency about lessons the Olympics can teach us all in our daily lives – and in how we deliver our services as a leading independent lettings agency in Bristol.

At our Gloucester Road offices, our team of Bristol lettings negotiators work hard to get a perfect fit for each tenant, too.

Our approach is simple: we try to listen first, to quantify our tenants’ needs. Then we match up what our Bristol landlords are looking for, in terms of ideal tenants. Finally, we tailor our rented properties in Bristol to fit both parties, all being well!  It may not always work perfectly, but we do our very best for both parties.

For example, during the student year 2011/2012 we had an Architecture student looking for rented property in Bristol. We ensured that he had a larger desk in his room, to meet his requirements whilst studying his Architecture postgrad degree.

His rented accommodation in Bristol also had a great view from the bedroom window, to inspire him as he put together architecture designs.  Following a successful Graduation he now has a great new job and home, and even a puppy.

If you have any queries about our central Bristol letting agency, please feel free to contact us here.