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Are the boilers in your Bristol rented properties up to standard?

At City Rental Services,  we notice that as October comes around, the office starts to think about boilers – after all, October 01st is the big turn-on for most rented properties in Bristol for their boiler systems, as Autumn advances.

But what if your boiler switch on is a big turn-off?

New legislation surrounding flues is due to come out on January 01st, and with literally 1,000’s of tenants in Bristol switching on their boilers in October, there are always inevitable problems associated with boiler and heating systems.

It’s vital that landlords in Bristol ensure that they check their Gas Safety Certificate – firstly, to see if any remedial action advice is listed from the previous inspection.

Most importantly, of course, is to check that the Certificate is actually in date.

A useful additional activity is to check the boiler pressure in all rented properties, backed up with a visual inspection and walk-round of each property to check that no rad valves are missing, no radiators are leaking or rusting, and that all Bristol tenants have instruction manuals for working the boiler in each property.

These can be downloaded from the internet, if you search under the boiler make, model and year of installation.

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How planning legislation affects the Bristol lettings sector

Keeping up-to-speed and informed regarding central Government and Local Authority planning legislation is a key consideration for any letting agency in Bristol – and rightly so.

The impact of housing law has a direct affect upon how a professional letting agency handles and manages all of its tenant and landlord relationships.

At City Rental Services, we monitor planning legislation regularly, to ensure we’re up to date in our understanding of the requirements of Bristol City Council.

One of the least-publicised – but potentially most powerful – pieces of planning legislation came into effect on December 2011, concerning the protection of homeowners in quiet residential areas, where student tenancies are in danger of overwhelming a street or series of streets.

Bristol City Council is one of the local authorities handling this new legislation in the city, but due to the lack of debate and discussion on a widespread level, it has remained largely under the radar and somewhat un-noticed in Bristol.

Essentially, under this piece of planning legislation that came into effect from April in Bristol, a planning application must be made by a landlord wishing to let a property to three or more persons, not a family, for the first time.

You can read the basic definition of the new legislation here, as well as earlier industry coverage of the legislation here.

As with so much planning legislation we see these days, the main issue to consider is how this will be enforced across the Bristol lettings sector.

This industry article gives an excellent overview. Well worth a look, and highlights some of the potential issues to come for Bristol landlords.

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