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New team member joins our Gloucester Road lettings agency

The team at City Rental Services are pleased to announce the arrival of a new team member.

Scott Matthews, pictured below, joined our lettings team at the end of July 2016 having come from a postgraduate teaching background in Bath.

Bristol letting agency City Rental Services

Scott has expressed a keen interested in property management, and we have been very impressed with his varied skills and his ability to settle into his role with ease and efficiency.

Scott is based in our central Bristol office and has already enjoyed meeting many of our valued Bristol landlords. We feel sure that over the coming months Scott will grow into and excel at becoming a fine ‘Lettings negotiator’.

Commenting on the new role, Scott said:

“Having recently been a student myself, I am familiar with the experience of renting while studying away from home. Though exciting, it can be pretty daunting – especially when it is a new experience. I am therefore keen to help in making tenants feel at ease when renting properties through our agency.”

Scott will be working closely with both tenants and landlords over the coming months, as well as helping to oversee the day-to-day running of the agency rented property portfolio. Welcome on board, Scott!

If you’re looking for advice on rented accommodation in Bristol, please call into 58 Gloucester Road  to see us – as an independent letting agency in Bristol, we’re here to help.

How will the Election affect the Private Rented Sector in Bristol?

Here at City Rental Services, we’re keeping a close eye on the upcoming General Election.

impact of the Election on Bristol's private rental sector inputs from City Rental Services on Gloucester Road

Whatever the outcome of the Election, there’s no doubt that the Private Rental Sector (PRS) is one of the hot topics of the day.

Whether it’s the ongoing and often heated debate around rental levels recently particularly in the Bristol area, or the urgent need for new housing stock and the Conservative suggestions for selling off Housing Association stock, or the Labour Party’s threats to ban letting agency fees, it is abundantly clear that PRS is uppermost in the minds of professional tenants and student tenants looking for fairly-priced accommodation in various BS postcodes across Bristol.

There’s a useful article here from industry website Landlord Zone, discussing the state of the British rented housing market.

We’ll be looking at the results of the Election, and ensuring that our tenants and landlords in Bristol alike get the best possible deal and services from our independent letting agency in the heart of Bristol.

To find out more about our letting agency in Bristol, get in touch today: simply call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.

How landlords can create a 2013 home in Bristol worth renting

At City Rental Services, we spend a lot of time assisting and advising our portfolio of Bristol landlords on how to maximise revenue potential from their rented properties.

And one of the simplest ways to increase length of tenancies is to take care of the basic requirement that any private, professional and student tenant in Bristol has – to view a clean, well decorated, well-presented rented property before deciding to commit to make it their home. It’s simple, but it counts.


So, Bristol landlords, when you receive Notice from an outgoing tenant, why not quickly visit and assess what you can do as the landlord owning the rented property to make it the most attractive option for good quality applicants looking to make a home out of your rented property in 2013.

For example, we’ve noticed that there’s a strong demand at the moment across the BS7 postcode for one and two-bed properties.

Consider wood flooring, painting and decorating, and reviewing inspirational magazines such as Grand Designs to give you ideas and a better idea of what tenants in Bristol are looking for from a rented property in the city.

Also, when a tenant emails you their Notice, make sure you’re marketing your rented property to its best potential. We can, of course, help you here.

Come into our Gloucester Road office and chat to our expert team of lettings negotiators Andy, Scott and Michaela to get hints and tips before the Spring.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Why a landlord should use a letting-only agency and not take a DIY approach to renting property in Bristol

At City Rental Services,  landlords sometimes ask  where the value comes from using a letting-only agency.

In Bristol, we have a fast-moving market with many applicants to be shown around the properties and vetted.

When it comes to renting a property, there’s no doubt that a significant number of tenants will head straight for the online portal Rightmove  to search for rented houses and flats.

The value for money in using a letting-only agency, comes from our use of  property portals online.  Properties are uploaded to the portals and our own web sites within hours of receiving full instructions to let the property.

Emails are sent to registered applicants who are then fully informed of any newly available properties.  We’ve seen an increasing amount of online traffic to our website, rising month-on-month as applicants search for flats and houses to rent for professionals and students in Bristol.

So, landlords, why spend cash on a scattergun approach to advertising, when a decent letting agency such as City Rental Services can target and pinpoint exactly the right audience for you?

We’re proud to have landlords working with us who joined us when we first opened our offices on Gloucester Road in central Bristol 16 years ago.

Mixed with this trust gained, we also get regular enquiries from new landlords who soon enjoy working with us – including five new landlords in the last 12 weeks.

Most importantly, much of our letting-only business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations, highlighting the levels of landlord satisfaction we enjoy at our Bristol lettings agency.

A recent example of how we deliver was last week, when a new rented property in Bristol was marketed, and within 24 hours from initial contact from the landlord we had five applicants wishing to view.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Are the boilers in your Bristol rented properties up to standard?

At City Rental Services,  we notice that as October comes around, the office starts to think about boilers – after all, October 01st is the big turn-on for most rented properties in Bristol for their boiler systems, as Autumn advances.

But what if your boiler switch on is a big turn-off?

New legislation surrounding flues is due to come out on January 01st, and with literally 1,000’s of tenants in Bristol switching on their boilers in October, there are always inevitable problems associated with boiler and heating systems.

It’s vital that landlords in Bristol ensure that they check their Gas Safety Certificate – firstly, to see if any remedial action advice is listed from the previous inspection.

Most importantly, of course, is to check that the Certificate is actually in date.

A useful additional activity is to check the boiler pressure in all rented properties, backed up with a visual inspection and walk-round of each property to check that no rad valves are missing, no radiators are leaking or rusting, and that all Bristol tenants have instruction manuals for working the boiler in each property.

These can be downloaded from the internet, if you search under the boiler make, model and year of installation.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.

Does your letting agency vet their Bristol landlords?

At City Rental Services, we understand the importance of regulations within the rented property sector – rules that, in essence, protect both the landlord and tenant.

The subject of landlord ability is one which we find ourselves coming back to time after time, as a leading independent letting agency in Bristol –we carefully vet our landlords, to try to protect all parties working with us, to help landlords understand the ever-changing world of rented property legislation.

A useful report recently from the National Landlords Association highlighted the importance and increasing popularity among tenants regarding taking out Tenancy Agreements with accredited landlords – landlords with a good grasp of their responsibilities.

We see the sense in this – after all, it is important to remember that renting out properties is a business concern. The relationship between landlord and tenant is a commercial one – often brokered by a letting agent in the middle.

There are so many considerations over-and-above the actual letting of the property itself – including Health & Safety, gas certificates, carbon monoxide detectors, the duty of care to review property electrics, fire protection, and general standards of decency in each property. These are our areas of core expertise!

Why not give us a call for a chat about how to let your rented property in Bristol – our service is simple, speedy and efficient.

So, the next time you visit a letting agency in Bristol, ask them how they vet their private landlords. You owe it to yourself as a tenant to ensure that you get the best possible service from your agent – and a decent landlord, too.

Learning how to be a decent landlord is an ongoing process.

If you have any queries about our central Bristol letting agency, please feel free to contact us here.

City Rental Services utilises Facebook for Bristol rental property updates

At City Rental Services, we’ve been using social media platforms on a personal basis for a while now.

With the advance of sites such as Facebook, we thought it would be a good time to join the online revolution and start utilising Facebook as a powerful online tool to help advise and guide tenants and landlords alike.

So, why not come and visit us on Facebook today? You’ll see weekly rented property updates via our Page, as well as links to useful property websites, our weekly Blog and more.

Micheala Thompson, one of our negotiators, is managing our Facebook Page, and has been enjoying the world of social media engagement – as well as her other duties in the office, including meeting clients, rented property inspections, collating property Inventories, taking rented property photographs, preparing Tenancy Agreements, managing advertising, writing property reports, organising property viewings, uploading rented property details and images to RightMove for our landlords, and adding new rented property details to our main website daily.

Micheala has been with us for two years, and is Bristol-born-and-bred. Although only 21, she’s worked for another letting agency in Bristol before joining our team, and has plans to travel around Asia later this year.

Micheala will be making sure that our very latest rented properties are uploaded onto our Facebook Page, so stop by and have a look today.

If you have any queries about our central Bristol letting agency, please feel free to contact us here.

100 properties rented in Bristol – in one weekend

At City Rental Services, we’re used to being busy – given the nature of the lettings sector in Bristol, meeting deadlines and co-ordinating last-minute organisation are essential skills for any lettings management team.

There are certain times of the year, however, where our busy office in central Bristol becomes frenetic – such as a recent weekend, where we complete the rentals for 100 properties over two days.

The student changeover is our busiest time of the calendar year, forming the culmination of looking after our student tenants in Bristol for the year.

In June, it’s the end of the student year, and so our student tenants are returning the rented property keys ready for check out and deposit refund.  As well our office is seeing new student tenants who are visiting to collect keys for their new rented properties in Bristol.

What this means, basically, is two days of mayhem! The hundreds of sets of property keys all have to be carefully labelled up, with student tenant forwarding addresses being taken.

Then alongside this mammoth activity, our new student tenants are finishing off their paperwork, making final payments and then collecting their keys, often with parents in tow, and then they head off to their new rented homes across Bristol and to meet their Landlords.

By the end the weekend we had the majority of student property keys back, and the final inspections were being conducted – at City Rental Services, we encourage Landlords to check their student houses weekly during June, to try and ensure all rented properties are in a good condition as possible for handover.

The queue started forming from our central Bristol lettings office on Sunday, with eager student tenants ready to move into their new accommodation.

The City Rental Services office closed on Sunday at 6pm, and although it was a shattering weekend, our negotiators did an amazing job. More importantly, our student tenants were mostly happy and able to start enjoying their rented properties in Bristol.

Plenty still to do with lots of maintenance tasks, new furniture to be supplied, carpets, curtains and of course many trips to the shops to get the new accommodations up to scratch.

If you have any queries about our central Bristol letting agency, please feel free to contact us here.

How planning legislation affects the Bristol lettings sector

Keeping up-to-speed and informed regarding central Government and Local Authority planning legislation is a key consideration for any letting agency in Bristol – and rightly so.

The impact of housing law has a direct affect upon how a professional letting agency handles and manages all of its tenant and landlord relationships.

At City Rental Services, we monitor planning legislation regularly, to ensure we’re up to date in our understanding of the requirements of Bristol City Council.

One of the least-publicised – but potentially most powerful – pieces of planning legislation came into effect on December 2011, concerning the protection of homeowners in quiet residential areas, where student tenancies are in danger of overwhelming a street or series of streets.

Bristol City Council is one of the local authorities handling this new legislation in the city, but due to the lack of debate and discussion on a widespread level, it has remained largely under the radar and somewhat un-noticed in Bristol.

Essentially, under this piece of planning legislation that came into effect from April in Bristol, a planning application must be made by a landlord wishing to let a property to three or more persons, not a family, for the first time.

You can read the basic definition of the new legislation here, as well as earlier industry coverage of the legislation here.

As with so much planning legislation we see these days, the main issue to consider is how this will be enforced across the Bristol lettings sector.

This industry article gives an excellent overview. Well worth a look, and highlights some of the potential issues to come for Bristol landlords.

If you have any queries about our central Bristol letting agency, please feel free to contact us here.