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How to leave student rented property in Bristol this June

As we enter June, at City Rental Services we’re preparing for one of the most important days in our annual calendar – 30th June.

This is the big day when many of our student tenancies come to an end.

Advice on student accommodation in Bristol from City Rental Services

Exams are over, leaving parties are in full swing, the Glastonbury weekend is upon us (rain or shine) and our student tenants are getting ready for the big pack-up and clean-out in their rented properties across Bristol.

It’s also the month that student tenants should be thinking about maximizing the amount of rental deposit they see returned to them from their letting agencies and landlords in Bristol.

Here’s our checklist of things to do during June to ensure you get a full rental deposit back at the end of the academic year:

* You’re responsible for clearing, cleaning and tidying your bedroom and the communal areas of your rented property. Make sure you clean under the bed, behind the wardrobe, window sills and skirting boards – basically, a thorough clean is required. Does your vacuum work? If not, contact your landlord or letting agency.

* Communal areas will include the bathroom, which can be quite a challenge. Make sure the toilet is thoroughly cleaned, including bath and wash basin. Full cleaning and polishing is needed, with all rubbish removed, and shower curtain washed, or cleaned fully if glass. Wipe down and remove any mould on window sills.

* One of the main communal areas to consider is the kitchen. Fridge freezers will need to be turned off before 27th June, to give time before the final weekend for all foodstuffs out and the freezer de-frosted fully. Use a good oven cleaner, including the racks, grill and hob – and remember the oven sides, inside and out.

* General rubbish needs to be cleared, so make sure all black bin bags full or refuse are cleared. Ask a friend with a car to do a local tip run – the Council can also help remove larger items such as furniture, for a small fee.

* With the full student rented property thoroughly clean and tidy, and ready for inspection, keys need to be returned, and a new address left with the letting agency or landlord. Also remember to read all meters and note the readings.

* If there are any damages you know of which are your responsibility, let the letting agency or landlord know, as this will speed up deposit refunding if mentioned at the time of rented property vacating.

Sticking to the above simple points should go a long way to helping student tenants to get their rental deposits back quickly and straightforwardly.

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Which rented property deposit scheme should you use in Bristol in 2015?

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at City Rental Services is “Where is my rental deposit held – and why?” and we’re always happy to advise our Landlords and tenants further on this.

Landlords, it’s vital to ensure that you’re part of a rented property deposit scheme in Bristol.

advice on rental deposit schemes in Bristol from leading letting agency City Rental Services

There are currently three main schemes in existence for rental deposits in 2015, namely:

Deposit Protection – this scheme is typically used by single-property landlords, who give the rental deposits to the Deposit Protection Service. They retain the monies, and provide a Certificate to the landlord within 30 days with the required prescribed information for the tenant. This scheme is delivered without cost to the landlord. (TDSL) – this scheme is used mainly by landlords with two or more rental properties, who retain the rental deposits, and pay to join the scheme. Landlords pay per deposit held, and register this within the scheme, to obtain a Certificate.

TDS – this scheme is run by also known as and is effective for property management companies such as our friendly competitor

The property management company holds the rental deposits for multiple managed and rented properties. The company retains the deposit, and pays an annual fee to TDS based on the number of rental deposits held and Certificates given. Keeping property Inventories here is a key consideration.

But why?

These schemes provide a framework for tenants, landlords and agents to operate in – whereby there is protection for all parties.

This, in turn, leads to greater attention being given to property inventories, and ultimately provides a fairer system for tenants, too.

Think carefully about which deposit scheme you’re a part of 2015 – but make sure you’re a part of it.

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