Landlords given legal impetus on energy-saving improvements to rented properties in Bristol

This week at City Rental Services we want to dedicate our rented property blog to an important topic, and one which is on the minds of many letting-only landlords in Bristol – that of EPC legislation, and the implications of recent proposed changes.

Advice on EPC ratings for lettings-only landlords in Bristol from City Rental Services

As discussed in this article from 01st April, tenants in rented properties across Bristol can now legally request that landlords make energy-saving improvements on rented accommodation.

The long-awaited effect of the purpose of the EPC’s is now coming into effect, as tenants can now request energy improvements on rented properties.

The big difference for letting-only landlords in 2016, however, is that they are now expected to fund these improvements themselves, as the Green Deal initiative is no longer available from central Government.

Irrespective of the new legislation now in place from this month and in effect on all rented accommodation in BS postcodes, it’s really important for all landlords to review their current energy usage in their rented properties, including looking at the provision of hot water and heating in all accommodation they own and let out across Bristol.

Bristol landlords – are you aware of the energy consumption of heating systems in your rented properties? It’s a good idea to look at the heating and hot water systems in place now in all of your houses and apartments.

We would recommend that all property landlords take a bit of time to read recent information sheets published about tenants’ Right to request energy-saving improvements, so that they stay on the right side of the Law on this.

We can, of course, provide up-to-date advice and assistance to all landlords.

If you’re looking for advice on rented property in Bristol, please call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us – as an independent letting agency in Bristol, we’re here to help.

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