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Bristol landlords – be aware of new building legislation in 2015!

Here at City Rental Services, we were somewhat surprised to spot this recent legislation which is formalising the processes Landlords and Agents must now adopt prior to carrying out any slightly more adventurous building works than basic construction.

advice for bristol rented property landlords from City Rental Services

There is an ever-increasing importance in the Lettings industry to respect tenants, neighbours, and to apply a greater degree of professionalism to the maintenance and presentation of rented properties across Bristol.

Never is this more pertinent, in our experience, than during the great student handover week which happens every June, year in, year out.

Let’s work hard to make it another smooth and successful handover to our 700 student tenants across Bristol this month.

The entire team here at City Rental Services would like to say a big thank you to all our Student Landlords who have entrusted their properties to us in 2015.

We urge all Bristol rented property landlords to review the legislation, too – it’s a really useful article here.

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How will the Deregulation Bill impact property landlords in Bristol?

This week at City Rental Services, we’re taking a closer look at certain items of legislation and their impact on rented property landlords in Bristol.

Following the Election fever across the UK, and the changes that brings, we’re reflecting on the mood of people in Bristol and are aware that housing remains a major focus in Bristol and across the wider UK this month.

Investment landlords need to be aware of the effects of the Deregulation Bill as highlighted in the Queens Speech in Parliament.

advice for bristol rented property landlords from City Rental Services

We found a useful article around the Deregulation Bill worth reading here,  which clearly sets out the impact on rented property landlords.

In essence, the Bill introduces legislation for landlords around three key areas, namely:

1. Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

2. Tenancy Deposit Protection

3. Section 21 Notices & Disrepair issues

Here’s how the Bill legislation breaks down:

Energy Performance Certificates – all landlords will need to provide tenants with an EPC and Gas Safety Certificate before the tenancy begins, and if at a later date the landlord wants to serve a Section 21 Notice on the tenant, he’ll need to prove the tenant has been provided with these documents.

Tenancy Deposit Protection – the landlord needs to be compliant around the TDS available by 23rd June of this year – for further information, visit here – this particularly relates to tenancies that commenced before April 2007.

Section 21 Notices – there are various changes for landlords in the bill, one is the Form of Notice, which means that from 01st July 2015 one type of Notice can be served regardless of whether the tenancy is fixed or periodic, there are other new rules so check before you serve a notice.

There have also been changes around Retaliatory Evictions brought about by the Bill, namely that if a tenant serves a written complaint on a landlord, the landlord must respond within 14 days, specifying the proposed action they are going to take. The landlord must now respond within 14 days to the tenant.

Furthermore, the landlord cannot then service a Section 21 Notice on that tenant (sometimes called a Retaliatory Eviction) until the remedial action has taken place.

With important changes coming into effect from the Deregulation Bill, we’re here to help our landlords and tenants make their way through the legislation landmine, and safely onto the other side of it all. Pop in and see us today.

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Why are our student rented property landlords in Bristol smiling?

Here at City Rental Services, it’s a case of ‘job done’ as we hand folders to our student letting-only landlords like Bob below.

letting agency services for students and landlords in Bristol from City Rental Services

Landlords like Bob can look forward to another 12 months with their student houses fully let to carefully selected student groups ranging from three sharing to 12 sharing.

Bob is smiling, as he’s enjoyed this level of professional service from us for over 10 years, and he’s worked in partnership with CRS throughout that time.

If you haven’t let your student property yet, we’ve got student tenants pleading for more group rented student properties in Bristol, so pop in to see us.

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Bristol landlords! Why choose CRS to rent your property for you?

This is a question we often answer at City Rental Services and as we work in partnership with a number of rented property landlords in Bristol, it’s worth discussing further on our letting agency blog in detail.

advice for rented property landlords in Bristol from City Rental Services

We all know Bristol’s buzzing is indeed are its lettings, and Bristol is an incredibly successful and popular city.

It’s relatively easy to rent a property quickly in various BS postcodes, but how do you choose the tenants who can really afford to pay the required rent, care for the property, stay a reasonable length of time, and respect your property?

For our one-off charge of £414 including VAT, you get so much more at CRS than just the provision of a tenant. Our letting agency services in Bristol include:

* Comprehensive in depth knowledge of the property market

* Modern speedy and effective systems from our Gloucester Road office

* Access to a range of tried-and-tested contractors in Bristol

* A rapid accountancy turnaround service from our team

* We try and go the extra mile to ensure that our landlords are very satisfied with our services

* A useful filter for issues between tenant and landlord

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