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How to leave student rented property in Bristol this June

As we enter June, at City Rental Services we’re preparing for one of the most important days in our annual calendar – 30th June.

This is the big day when many of our student tenancies come to an end.

Advice on student accommodation in Bristol from City Rental Services

Exams are over, leaving parties are in full swing, the Glastonbury weekend is upon us (rain or shine) and our student tenants are getting ready for the big pack-up and clean-out in their rented properties across Bristol.

It’s also the month that student tenants should be thinking about maximizing the amount of rental deposit they see returned to them from their letting agencies and landlords in Bristol.

Here’s our checklist of things to do during June to ensure you get a full rental deposit back at the end of the academic year:

* You’re responsible for clearing, cleaning and tidying your bedroom and the communal areas of your rented property. Make sure you clean under the bed, behind the wardrobe, window sills and skirting boards – basically, a thorough clean is required. Does your vacuum work? If not, contact your landlord or letting agency.

* Communal areas will include the bathroom, which can be quite a challenge. Make sure the toilet is thoroughly cleaned, including bath and wash basin. Full cleaning and polishing is needed, with all rubbish removed, and shower curtain washed, or cleaned fully if glass. Wipe down and remove any mould on window sills.

* One of the main communal areas to consider is the kitchen. Fridge freezers will need to be turned off before 27th June, to give time before the final weekend for all foodstuffs out and the freezer de-frosted fully. Use a good oven cleaner, including the racks, grill and hob – and remember the oven sides, inside and out.

* General rubbish needs to be cleared, so make sure all black bin bags full or refuse are cleared. Ask a friend with a car to do a local tip run – the Council can also help remove larger items such as furniture, for a small fee.

* With the full student rented property thoroughly clean and tidy, and ready for inspection, keys need to be returned, and a new address left with the letting agency or landlord. Also remember to read all meters and note the readings.

* If there are any damages you know of which are your responsibility, let the letting agency or landlord know, as this will speed up deposit refunding if mentioned at the time of rented property vacating.

Sticking to the above simple points should go a long way to helping student tenants to get their rental deposits back quickly and straightforwardly.

If you’d like to find out more about our Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to visit us at 58 Gloucester Road or get in touch here.


Why do CRS charge Agency Fees?

This is a question we answer regularly at City Rental Services and as with all businesses, we need to make a living to survive.

We charge Agency Fees to facilitate our core services, namely to provide a range of rented accommodation to students and professional tenants alike – which we’ve done for over 18 years.

Advice on letting agency fees for Bristol landlords

The system has evolved whereby letting agents charge a percentage of a month’s rent, to cover all costs incurred – including all the responsibility of taking a tenant from an enquiry for a rented property to moving into that rented property.

At CRS, our Agency Fee structure is simple and clear – 35% of one month’s rent plus VAT. So, on a £400 per month room, this would incur a Fee of £168.

This amount covers the cost to our independent letting agency business of providing every aspect of the process involved and costs incurred, such as:

* I.T. systems

* Phone systems (including mobiles and iPads)

* Transport

* Website costs

* CRS links & links

* Staff & business premises costs

* VAT payments & processing

* Signboards & window displays

* Landlord and tenant liaison time

* Document production for all parties

Needless to say, we have to charge for our services!

To find out more about our letting agency services in Bristol, simply call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.

What do the Election results mean for landlords and letting agents in Bristol?

Here at City Rental Services we’re heaving a big sigh of relief and hoping that the new Government will leave us alone – or, at least, leave us alone for a while.

election result overview and impact on Bristol landlords and letting agents from City Rental Services on Gloucester Road

The Election results will hopefully mean – at least for the foreseeable future – that the threatened swing to anti-landlord legislation, rent controls, compulsory long-term tenancies and more will be avoided.

There’s a useful overview here of what the Election results will mean for landlords and letting agents in Bristol and across the wider UK under the new Government.

The Tories are supporting all house-building including social, owner occupation and private renting – so it will be interesting to see how this unfolds for landlords and letting agents across various BS postcodes in 2015.

Some of the Conservative post-election property pledges include:

* Build 100,000 new homes

* Right to Rent immigration checks rolled out nationally

* No housing benefit for 18-21 year olds

Find out more here – useful for landlords and letting agents alike.

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City Rental Services supports The University Paper in Bristol

Here at City Rental Services and City Property Lets we help more than 700 student tenants each year with their search for rented accommodation in Bristol – the welfare of our student tenants and those in higher education across the city is important to us.

Our Letting Agency at 58 Gloucester Road has linked up with The University Paper in Bristol to showcase some of our latest student rented properties in various BS postcodes, where we advertise each month.

student rented accommodation in Bristol at City Rental Services

We still have a few rooms left to rent in Bristol including Clifton, Horfield and Montpelier but hurry, as there are only a few rooms left.

We hope to have a few more houses coming on between now and the end of September when the season closes and the colleges open again for the Autumn Term, so don’t delay and call us today on 0117 908 0062 for City Property Lets or 0117 908 0057 for City Rental Services.

The University Paper is a good publication, giving access to student resources and services in one place – check it out here, or pop into our Gloucester Road offices to pick up a copy for yourself.

To find out more about our letting agency services in Bristol, get in touch today: simply call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.

A Day in the Life of Michaela Thompson, CRS Lettings

Here at City Rental Services it’s that time of the month when we hand over our rented property blog to one of the team, for them to showcase their stuff!

What’s your full name and job title?

Michaela Thompson, CRS Lettings

rented property expertise from City Rental Services lettings team member Michaela Thompson

How long have you been at CRS?

Five years.

What are your main responsibilities?

My main responsibilities are to keep a record of all the properties ready to go on the market, and advertise them on our website.

I do regular property inspections to ensure the properties are being looked after, and do inventories for our portfolio of rented properties in Bristol.

I meet with landlords to value the properties, and carry out viewings for people looking for a new home. Once someone has applied for a property tenancy, I make sure we have all correct details to proceed with the tenancy application.

Why are property inspections so important?

It is important to carry out regular inspections to keep the properties up to a decent standard, and to ensure the property is being looked after properly.

How do you deliver the best rented property inspections?

By taking lots of photos, and by being thorough in my reports.

Why do rented property inspections help landlords to rent properties?

It allows the landlords to keep on top of the property maintenance, and ensure it is shown at its best for potential tenants. Inspections for advertising should also take into account for the rented properties kerb appeal.

What issues do you help landlords and tenants overcome in Bristol?

It is important to make sure that both the landlords and tenants are equally happy, for landlords to achieve the best rents, and for tenants to be happy in their rented accommodation in various BS postcodes.

How did you get into the rented property sector as a career and why?

I started off doing admin with another Letting Agency in Bristol, and I have always been interested in property.

What do you think of the Bristol rented property sector at the moment?

There is very high demand for rental properties in Bristol and we like to be able to help with a decent home for applicants.

What are your predictions for the rented property market in Bristol in 2015?

To continue to be strong, especially with student tenants across the city.

To find out more about our letting agency services in Bristol, get in touch today: simply call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.