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How will the Election affect the Private Rented Sector in Bristol?

Here at City Rental Services, we’re keeping a close eye on the upcoming General Election.

impact of the Election on Bristol's private rental sector inputs from City Rental Services on Gloucester Road

Whatever the outcome of the Election, there’s no doubt that the Private Rental Sector (PRS) is one of the hot topics of the day.

Whether it’s the ongoing and often heated debate around rental levels recently particularly in the Bristol area, or the urgent need for new housing stock and the Conservative suggestions for selling off Housing Association stock, or the Labour Party’s threats to ban letting agency fees, it is abundantly clear that PRS is uppermost in the minds of professional tenants and student tenants looking for fairly-priced accommodation in various BS postcodes across Bristol.

There’s a useful article here from industry website Landlord Zone, discussing the state of the British rented housing market.

We’ll be looking at the results of the Election, and ensuring that our tenants and landlords in Bristol alike get the best possible deal and services from our independent letting agency in the heart of Bristol.

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Why Stokes Croft is like Marmite – love it or hate it!

A personal perspective by Sue Powell, City Rental Services

Here at City Rental Services, we recently read an article here extolling the virtues of living in Stokes Croft Bristol, with the Sunday Times claiming it’s one of the Top 10 most stylish places to live in the UK.

But opinion is divided.

Stokes Croft is now a very popular location for many young professionals and students alike, but may not have such an appeal to families.

rented property advice in Stokes Croft from City Rental Services

The area offers a vibrant mix of café society, bars and shops. Although there are still empty buildings that seem to miss each property boom, these tend to be livened up with graffiti that adds to the colourful nature of Stokes Croft.

Since the Canteen opened with its range of workshops and studio spaces, this has increased the Stoke Croft magnetism as a place to gather, to meet friends, and generally hang out.

Each evening a large number of people walk up from the city centre where they have been working or studying, and stop in at one of the cafes or bars:  small new bars seem to pop up from nowhere, so there’s a great choice.

Venture further up towards BS7 and you come to one of the longest shopping streets in the Country – the famous Gloucester Road.

Our City Rental Services letting agency is based at 58 Gloucester Road, along with City Property Lets. Both offer a very wide range of student accommodation in units ranging from two to 12 bedrooms.

We still have a 12-bedroom student property available in Montpelier and some super new 4 and 5 beds have just been released in BS7.

For more details of properties available, visit here if you’re a professional tenant and here if you’re looking for student accommodation in Bristol.

Whether you love it or hate it, Stokes Croft provides a busy and exciting entry to Bristol – the home of Banksy, and the place where graffiti took off as an art form.

For my money you can’t beat a coffee and bacon sandwich outside Cafe Ronak just sitting and watching the world go by.

For me, Stokes Croft is a definite ‘love it’ not ‘hate it’ for the Bristol buzz.

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