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Rented property landlords in Bristol address energy efficiency

Here at City Rental Services, it’s the time of year when many rented property landlords are considering heating and energy efficiency in their portfolios.

However it’s not just the Winter weather which is motivating them.

Energy efficiency of rented properties is back on the agenda, judging from this recent article we saw recently.

advice for rented property landlords in Bristol from City Rental Services

Measures are being introduced in 2016, and by 2018 if rented properties aren’t up to the minimum standard in line with energy efficiency legislation proposed by the Government, then Buy-to-Let landlords in Bristol could be facing a ticking timebomb, according to the story.

The legislation changes set for implementation next year mean that tenants will be empowered to request consent for energy efficiency improvements to be made in rented properties – and these requests will not be able to be unreasonably refused by landlords. This is a potential game-changer.

Rented property landlords will need to take energy efficiency measures seriously in their rented properties in Bristol – or risk losing income in 2016 and by 2018 properties with a very poor EPC performance will not be able to rent their properties at all.

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A Day in the Life of our Accounts Manager at City Rental Services

By Wendy Pinker, Account Manager

It’s always busy at City Rental Services, and I usually arrive at the Gloucester Road offices for 7.45am, to check and action any emails from the night before.

The next task is to check bank accounts, to ensure that all fees, rents, deposits and associated payments have been received and made, as well as keeping paperwork up-to-date.

leading advice on rented properties in Bristol from City Rental Services

One of my main daily tasks is to assist with accounts, payments, purchase ledger, wages, VAT and all other financial duties required to maintain the day-to-day smooth running of a busy independent letting agency in Bristol.

I also ensure that holidays, staff sickness and any related issues are covered, and I’m always busy in this challenging but rewarding full-time position.

I’ve worked in sister company City Property Lets as a book-keeper, and first joined the business as a tenant of City Rental Services in 1999!

On a personal basis, I’ve set up and run a guest house in the Himalayas, which I’ve been responsible for over the last eight years – this ties in with a blood transfusion clinic in the area which treats 120 children suffering from various types of incurable cancers in Kathmandu.

The children receive transfusion services every fortnight, which basically keeps them alive. You can find out more about the clinic here.

I also make and distribute themed jewellery from the Nepal region, and use money from selling these items to put more cash into the clinic, too: visit the Jillie Millie website here to find out more. Hopefully you’ll love the gorgeous jewellery as much as I do!

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New online application system saves our Bristol tenants and landlords time, money and hassle

It’s been an exciting start to 2015 here at City Rental Services, and we wanted to take a closer look at one of the main reasons for this – our amazing new online booking system.

online application system launched in Bristol by letting agency City Rental Services

Devised and developed by our Accounts Manager Wendy Pinker – more to come next week on our rented property blog, when Wendy blogs about her average day at our Gloucester Road-based letting agency – the online booking and application system is saving huge amounts of time for our student tenants, professional tenants and Bristol landlords alike.

Our new online application system includes key functions such as booking, fee paying, guarantor processing, and tenancy applications in as little as eight days from start to finish – and all delivered online using electronic signatures.

We’ve developed an entirely new database system for our tenants, landlords and rented properties, to quickly and easily accommodate new tenants, new rented properties, and new landlords in Bristol using our letting-only services.

The new online system is fast and efficient, and instantly lists what’s required for our 700+ student and professional tenants across Bristol – furthermore, our tenants and landlords can use tablets, mobiles and PCs to update details.

For our letting-only landlords, we have the capability to send one email containing all completed documents, notification of all application forms from tenants, guarantor forms, standing order payment forms and payments made – all together, in one simple email, for the landlord to review and file.

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Is there a housing crisis for rented properties in Bristol?

We spotted a good article recently from the Telegraph at City Rental Services, and thought it was worth mentioning on our rented property blog.

The article discusses the apparent housing crisis in England, and with 2015 being an election year, housing will undoubtedly be a hot topic.

advice on renting property in Bristol from City Rental Services

The question is simple – where is everyone going to live? According to the Telegraph article, nine million people rent property in the UK.

The British housing market is now seen by some as one of our country’s biggest issues, with many 30-somethings now delaying getting on the property market and buying homes, preferring to rent for longer instead.

More property is needed, but it’s also worth remembering that a considerable amount of property is sitting empty without tenants on a consistent basis.

We’re continually amazed here at our Gloucester Road-based offices at the ongoing demand for rented properties in BS7.

We provide letting-only services in what is possibly Bristol’s busiest growth area: BS7.

Whether this is due to young people wanting to be close to the city centre and motorway networks, great shopping facilities, or students looking to hop onto a bus to get to UWE or walk into the University of Bristol, it’s a fantastic part of town to be – and no sign of a housing crisis, with a good selection of rented properties available from our Bristol landlords.

We can’t resolve the apparent UK housing crisis, but we can help you with your rented property requirements in Bristol: simply call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.