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YouNeed YouTube YouLearn!

With the festive break upon us here at City Rental Services, our thoughts turn to our professional tenants and student tenants in Bristol during the Christmas and New Year break – and how to deal with property maintenance issues that may arise.

Christmas and New Year should be a time of relaxing and eating fabulous food and watching repeats on the television, but what can tenants do if their landlord is away and a property maintenance problem occurs?

Unless it’s an emergency during the Christmas and New Year celebrations and Bank Holidays, why not try looking at YouTube for a few basics.

tips for tenants from City Rental Services in Bristol

For basic property maintenance issues, YouTube provides a plethora of amazing, simple, and effective ‘How To’ clips, videos and tutorials.

Whether it’s cleaning a jammed pump in a washing machine, topping up boiler pressure or bleeding radiators, YouTube offers a huge number of handy clips.

We’re not, of course, asking our tenants to start doing their own property maintenance work: only qualified professionals should be doing technical or dangerous jobs.

But for basic things in a rented property, YouTube can often offer help and assistance – especially helpful during the festive break.

Have a look for yourself here.

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Exciting new developments at our central Bristol lettings agency

It’s exciting times at the moment here at City Rental Services, due mainly to our amazing team.

Following the recent launch of our new July 2015 student rented property list – you can read all about it here.

leading property rentals in Bristol from City Rental Services

We’re delighted with the responses to date: several properties are already under offer, but more importantly utilising our new, highly efficient, fully automated online system – and now including electronic document signing.

This new system allows us more time for viewings of student properties from our great selection of 3-12 bed houses and flats in BS6, BS5, BS8 and BS2.

This also gives us more time to discuss the needs of our landlords and prospective tenants. The system is fast and efficient, and we love it!

Thanks, Wendy – the in-house driving force behind our new system.

If you’re looking for advice on rented property in Bristol from a leading independent lettings agency, call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.

Tips on preparing a rented home in Bristol for Winter weather

Firstly, Happy Christmas wishes to our rented property readers from Sue Powell at City Rental Services – hoping you enjoy a successful New Year, too!

Lettings agency in Bristol City Rental Services

We wish success to our Bristol landlords in achieving their required rents and good tenants, and success to our professional and student tenants in finding a decent home with a reasonable landlord and at a realistic rent.

Can Father Christmas get down your chimney?  Or is it blocked with soot? Or is it in a poor state of repair?

This festive thought leads on to other things to consider when preparing a rented property in Bristol for Winter.

Our top tips for landlords and tenants:

* Prevent burst pipes – get tenants to keep the heating on at a low level when they’re away from the rented property over Christmas.

* Get the boiler serviced – by a Gas Safety registered engineer, at least once a year ready for Winter, don’t just get a gas safety check.

* Bleed all radiators – to release built-up air, allowing them to work more efficiently and saving tenants’ money on heating bills in Winter.

* Check guttering – keep all gutters and drains clear of Autumn leaf fall, to prevent water build-up and potential unnecessary roof damage during the Winter.

* Reduce damp – prevent additional damp and mould issues in Winter by closing kitchen doors when cooking, drying clothes outside, and reducing condensation during Winter months. If you have a condensing dryer then using that properly will cut down on mould.

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Immigration checks on rented property tenants remains topical

The subject of immigration checks on rented property tenants has come under the spotlight again, and here at City Rental Services, we’ve always been highly conscious of the need to amend our forms and paperwork to accommodate the needs of tenants from outside of the UK who take rented properties in Bristol with us.

advice from City Rental Service, a leading independent lettings agency in central Bristol

The story was in the news here recently, with concerns regarding fraudulent tenant applications for rented accommodation.

Much has been discussed around the issue of landlords and/or letting agencies having to carry out immigration checks on new tenants, and the legislation appears to be confusing for many at this point.

Janie Gaston, Operations Director at tenancy referencing firm FCC Paragon who voiced concerns in the article above, comments:

“We feel this is going to be very onerous for landlords and letting agents alike, and is unlikely to tackle immigration problems as it appears to be a very complicated and time-consuming process, which we feel many landlords will struggle to undertake.”

From our perspective, with 20 years’ independent letting agency experience from our Gloucester Road offices in central Bristol, it’s also important to remember that everybody needs a roof over their head. Shelter is a fundamental need, and everybody deserves a decent home to live in.

Our primary role is to ensure that both landlord and tenant are happy, of course, and to maintain a balance between profitable letting of rented properties in Bristol for our long-term landlords, as well as keeping professional and student tenants happy with their homes across Bristol.

If you’re looking for advice on rented property in Bristol from a leading independent lettings agency, call into 58 Gloucester Road to see us.