How can you prevent condensation build up now it’s Autumn

The team at City Rental Services are getting lots of enquiries now it’s Autumn about the problems that arise due to condensation in Bristol rented properties.

The conversation usually starts with a query over damp, but the first issue to resolve is the age-old question – is it damp or is it mould?

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When the standard mid-Victorian house becomes home to several persons sharing, sometimes more than five, moisture problems can arise.

These groups live, work, eat and love in the house. Friends stay over too, and if each person daily takes a shower, washes their clothes, dries them on a radiator, cooks food – maybe pasta in an open pan with excess steam – the group will find they are on the way to having a house with condensation issues.

These issues start to show up as we move from Summer into Autumn: the weather cools, windows are shut, and the clothes all dried inside.

Try and establish whether the problems you are experiencing are from possibly penetrating damp, defective rainwater goods, or building defects.

Maybe rising damp, blocked gutters, or a leaky roof could also be contributing factors.

More likely may be that it is just condensation – it is vital to ventilate the house well. If the rooms are well ventilated, the tumble drier used for larger loads of drying, the heating used morning and evening, and air allowed to freely circulate in the rooms, condensation issues can be kept to a minimum.

Why not look up condensation causes here.

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