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Why Bristol landlords love to build rented property portfolios in BS7

With offices based in BS7, at City Rental Services we’ve seen the rise and rise of this part of Bristol in the last 18 years as a prime location for Bristol landlords looking to build rented property portfolios in the city.

But why is BS7 so popular? Despite the fact that buying homes remains prohibitive for many people in Bristol, as well as the flexible housing requirements of a more mobile workforce than ever before, BS7 is booming for the rented property market in Bristol for property investors.

rented property market trends in BS7 Bristol from City Rental Services

Some of the reasons for the success of BS7 for both landlords and tenants include:

* Property Buyers – most of the buyers who are active in the marketplace are using their own funds, and are looking for at least a 10% yield from good quality properties. The poorer the property, the higher the yield they require.

* Market Statistics – the Land Registry figures show growth in residential property values or approximately 9% between 2008 and 2012.

* Mortgage Availability – the shortage of funds available for ‘Buy to Let’ mortgages has meant that cash purchasers form the majority element of growth in Bristol landlords increasing their portfolios across BS7.

* Market Price Variations – prices in the Victorian parts of East Bristol rose to their 2007 heights, and in some cases exceeded this, by the end of the first quarter of 2014. Additionally, Horfield, Bishopston and St Andrews have all moved forward, now realising prices in excess of the 2007 market high.

So, BS7 continues to offer both good quality rented accommodation in Bristol, as well as excellent investment returns for portfolio landlords this year.

If you’re looking for rental properties in BS7, call in to 58 Gloucester Road to see us.

Private sector tenants happier in 2014 with rented properties

Here at City Rental Services one of our main concerns is to have happy tenants – and our team of expert negotiators work hard to make sure our tenants stay happy.

So, it was good to see an article online this week from an industry website, highlighting a growing number of private sector tenants are happy with their rented properties.


The statistics, taken from the current English Housing Survey ‘Households Report’ highlights that 84% of private sector tenants are now satisfied with their house, according to data received. This is an increase on last year.

We know how much hard work, time and energy it takes to succeed with customer service as a leading independent lettings agency in Bristol.

Despite media myths, there are lots of good people in the sector. It’s a huge industry, with many people working hard to meet current demand. The property rental market in Bristol is, in particular, driven totally by supply and demand.

The current trend is towards renting property rather than mortgaging, and many of our rented property tenants in Bristol are happy to rent good quality homes from a great lettings agency for long period of time – often years.

If you’re looking for the best rental properties in BS7, call in to 58 Gloucester Road to see us.

Just who are City Rental Services?

When we have new landlords in Bristol visiting City Rental Services for the first time at our 58 Gloucester Road offices, many of them ask who we are as a leading independent lettings agency in the city, and our background.


City Rental Services was formed nearly 20 years ago by the indomitable duo of Sue Powell and David Freeman, to provide a letting-only service to Bristol landlords.

Back then, Gloucester Road and BS7 in general were a far cry from the bustling and successful location we now see – in fact, it’s one of the fastest growing and most sought-after areas not only of Bristol, but of the whole UK.

Gloucester Road, with two miles of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, attracts families, young professionals, students and retirees.

Every Saturday is a great time to experience the BS7 buzz, with an eclectic mix of independent boutique retailers, and being in the midst of this unique atmosphere has always been enjoyable.

City Rental Services operates from the City Property Lets offices – where full property management is available – and the CRS team provides a highly knowledgeable service to the many letting-only landlords in Bristol who like our speedy and effective service across various BS postcodes.

Our Bristol rented property landlords love to call in for a chat, talk about the rented property market in Bristol, how to find suitable tenants, how to present their rented properties, what contractors would assist with property refurbishment and maintenance works, and to negotiate through the highly legislative world of residential property investment across the city.

Whatever you need to know about in rental property management, call in to 58 Gloucester Road to see us.

Not all letting agencies in Bristol are the same – and here’s why

At City Rental Services, we offer a simple but effective service to landlords in Bristol who want to be personally involved in the rental collection and management of their properties.


The Press is currently full of articles, with the combined effect of which is to highlight that rents are going both up AND down – but whatever is reported in the media, we find that BS7 rented properties for students and professional tenants seem to remain the most popular area of Bristol.

We’ve developed the most incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable team, ready to market your rented properties in Bristol.

The rental market is, on the face of it, relatively easy – but there really is a wealth of important legislation to understand before you become a landlord, so that you can provide a good rental property in Bristol to help satisfy the huge demand.

Whatever you need to know or are concerned about in rental property management – from Notice serving, Deposit Schemes, or to discuss the ever-changing rental marketplace, call in to 58 Gloucester Road to see us.

Next week we will discuss the implications of the new Immigration Act on letting agents.