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Things to do when moving into student accommodation in Bristol

After a hectic start to July at City Rental Services, when we moved 600 students into new rented accommodation in Bristol within 48 hours, it’s time to consider next steps for our student tenants in various BS postcodes.

And with the heady rush of moving into new student homes in Bristol now completed, and more than 100 student properties changing hands from our busy offices at 58 Gloucester Road, new student tenants need to get their checklists organised and start reviewing their new homes.

Free checklist for students moving into new rented accommodation in Bristol

Some of the top priorities when moving into new student accommodation include:

* Check your property inventory when you get it to make sure it’s correct

* Read all utility meters – especially gas and electric – and take photos of all meters on a smartphone to keep as reference

* Find out if your water meter is on quarterly or half-yearly billing

* Email Bristol City Council Tax department with your Student Number for your new property

* Ensure that you have the full allocation of rubbish bins for the property

* Confirm your landlord’s telephone number and email address

* Find out who the current utility suppliers are and who in the house will deal with any issues: establish a chain of command for resolving problems

* Let your landlord know if the property will be empty over the Summer

* Remember that living in a shared student house means working together

If you’re unsure about what to do as a student tenant in Bristol, feel free to come in and see us with your queries or concerns. We’re happy to help.

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Reflecting on moving 600 students into new rented accommodation in Bristol in 48 hours

When we get near the end of July it’s time to slow down a little and reflect on the last six months of preparation for the student changeover – and how we got through the two busiest days of the year at our central Bristol lettings agency, namely the 30th June and the 1st July.

Over these two days, some 600 students vacated the properties they had chosen by calling into our offices at 58 Gloucester Road.

A lot of preparation had been undertaken, cleaning, gardening, rubbish, removal boxes were packed, charity shops visited, and many trips to the tip were made.


On the 1st July, our Bristol landlords were ready and waiting for the new students who were eager to move into their new student rented accommodations in various BS postcodes across the city.

We came across some interesting comments, including from a cleaner who went to clean a student house including the kitchen, and noted in his report:

“I can’t clean the cooker” he wrote. We feared the next line, but it was “it is immaculate”.

Thanks to that group of students from an 8-bed house, who understood well what it means to move out properly: deposits got refunded quickly to that group. We really wish them the very best for their future careers.

A student landlord with another large student property in Bristol popped in to the office to say a big thank you to us for selecting such a nice group for his house.

He understands what it takes to be a good student landlord, he prepares the house well, and also provides cleaners – thanks Mr S!

Another landlord called in to say ”I understand the deal now: the students pay a lot of money and I have to put back in to my houses” – so he now pays for some of the cleaning himself during student tenant handover.

Some landlords may not understand the deal, and some student tenants don’t understand the deal either – both of these situations can lead to minor rental deposit refund disagreements. We try and get them all resolved if we are asked to help.

To our student tenants and student landlords in Bristol, we wish you all a successful year’s tenancy, and thank you for visiting us at 58 Gloucester Road.

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‘How to Rent’ guide published for Bristol tenants and landlords

We’ve noticed at City Rental Services from the various rental property portals, website, forums and news websites we review each week that a useful and interesting guide on ‘How to Rent’ has been published by the Government for both tenants and landlords.


The ‘How to Rent’ guide, which can be downloaded for free here, provides a checklist, and covers topics such as:

* What to look out for before renting a property

* What it’s like living in a rented property

* What happens at the end of a tenancy Agreement

* What to do if things go wrong and disputes arise

The guide is published as the government confirmed plans recently to require all letting agents to publish a full tariff of their fees – both on their websites and prominently in their offices.

This is part of the Government’s wider work to bring clarity and fairness to the system, and ensure that the UK’s nine million private rented sector tenants have the knowledge to hold their landlords to account, whilst also providing a smartphone-friendly, on-the-move accessible resource for landlords and tenants alike.

Why not check it out here.

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How to be a good rented property landlord in Bristol

We came across an interesting article at City Rental Services recently from the property letting information portal Landlord Zone, discussing the profile of an average UK landlord.


According to the article which discusses research undertaken, the average landlord:

* Earns nearly £60,000 per year – more than twice the national annual average

* Owns a property portfolio of between 8 and 9 homes worth around £1.2 million

* 66% rely on buy-to-let mortgages to finance their business

* Earns an average return on investment of between 6.2% and 6.7%

* Has no business structure in place for exiting the market or managing finances

* Has a positive outlook about the ongoing prosperity of the buy-to-let sector

We found this interesting, because in our experience of the rented property sector in Bristol, being a good landlord is about more than the cash return.

Decent landlords in BS postcodes also need to deal with tenants respectfully, professionally, and with due diligence and a care of duty – it’s critical to remember that a landlord or landlady is taking on responsibility for a business that provides homes for people.

Some of the responsibilities of being a good landlord in Bristol include –

* Having the ability to care for tenants

* Understanding complex legal structures around tenancy agreements

* Health & Safety issues and legislation

* Taxation and accounting requirements

* Environmental health liabilities

* Maintenance and proper provision of rented accommodation

And the list goes on.

Bristol is a thriving city, with very little rented accommodation available. Prospective landlords in the city need to research the market and not be drawn into false promises and generated statistics.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in Bristol’s rented property sector, and are able to offer impartial advice about the important questions around the buy-to-let market in various popular BS postcodes.

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