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Ready for the big Bristol student accommodation move-in on 01st July?

It’s nearly the 1st of July, and the end of a long hard six months since we started marketing our student properties.

Here at City Rental Services on Gloucester Road we try to provide a good choice of properties for the students from both the University of Bristol and University of the West of England.


Our choice of properties ranges from two beds to twelve beds.

During the first six months of the year, groups of students – usually first years preparing for their second year of studies – call into our office at 58 Gloucester Road BS7 to check through our books for a bargain a house offered at a very reasonable price to help with the problems of balancing a student budget, or maybe they push the boat out and for a more expensive house with better facilities.

The rents range from £250 to over £400: of course, the cheaper ones will be far less well appointed, in more outlying areas, or may present a few more challenges in terms of wear and tear or maintenance.

Although City Rental Service offers a letting only service as an introduction to the owner landlords, we do our very best to help during the year with any issues that can arise between Landlord and Tenant – we act as an information centre, a helpdesk.

Now the tenancies are concluding for many of last year’s customers, there are issues relating to deposit refunds, house cleanliness, rubbish removal even disagreements between Landlord and Tenant or Tenant and Landlord.

To both parties, has the deal been fair and reasonable, did you do your bit?

Let’s get the houses empty, clean and tidy and ready for the new groups.  Let’s not fall out over minor issues, let’s avoid tenancy deposit issues, where rents are paid in full and the house left in a reasonable condition, and Landlords let’s get those deposits refunded quickly and spend the time looking forward.

New groups are waiting for their keys on the 1st July 2014 keen to move into their new BS7 student properties, to get settled in, and then off to enjoy the Summer holidays.

Don’t forget to get insurance – there are lots of good companies ready to offer student insurance. We came across this week, with no locks on individual bedroom doors required. Let’s get moving!

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about student rented accommodation in Bristol.

Letting agency fees in Bristol – where do you stand with City Rental Services?

The management team at City Rental Services has noticed lots of television coverage recently about letting agency fees, culminating in the failed Parliamentary Bill to ban them.


And given that – according to an article in the Telegraph recently – 35% of the UK population rent their home, the subject of letting agency fees is an increasingly important topic for many young professionals looking for rented property in Bristol.

We believe that fees should be three simple things – transparent, fair and reasonable.

We have a massive rental market, and in October 2013 legislation was put in place to clarify what letting agents were charging – but has it gone far enough?

Buyers beware – if you want to rent a property in Bristol, find out what letting agency fees are in full and upfront.

Of interest to landlords, there’s an excellent cautionary article here highlighting how a landlord was forced to take his business elsewhere, after repeated attempts to get information regarding fees from one letting agency in Newcastle.

Some letting agents are indeed shy or reticent about disclosing fees with landlords, but at City Rental Services, we’re 100% transparent with the portfolio of landlords in Bristol we work in partnership with: our fees are £295 plus VAT, or £395 plus VAT to include accompanied tenant viewings.

We’re pleased to report that we’ve already let the vast majority of our Bristol student accommodation for 01st July, although demand is still strong for young professionals and student tenants in the usual BS postcodes.

If you haven’t let your property, pop in to see us at our Gloucester Road offices for an informal chat about our fees, our services, and our success record.

Moving into your new Student Home in Bristol

This week at City Rental Services we’re focusing on how to successfully move into a student home in Bristol with the minimum amount of stress and hassle.

The majority of students move into Bristol student accommodation on 1st July each year, it’s important to get it right when making this move into your new student house or flat.

Over the final weekend of June, we deal with more than 700 students moving house, so we’re used to the complex process of moving students into the various BS postcodes that we cover – including BS7, BS8 and BS6.


Our top tips to remember when moving into your new student home in Bristol are as follows:

* On 01st July – collect keys
* Go and look over the new accommodation.
* Are there any emergencies or issues from the first inspection
* Any problems should be prioritized and listed
* Letting agencies will be very very busy – but will always prioritise keys, a bed and a clean property for student tenants: but really emergencies only for the first few days
* Check for any build-up of rubbish left behind that might need prompt attention
* Read all utility meters and take photos of all readings while moving in
* Establish who in your student digs is doing what, making calls to utilities, electricity and gas providers with readings, broadband providers, contacting the letting agency, and generally co-ordinating the move
* Contents insurance for each student tenant is vital and very important to arrange before you move
* Don’t leave valuables in the student property if you are not all moving in straight away
* Expect support from letting agencies, but be patient during the peak times
* Check your inventory when you get it

Consider it a handy reference tool and checklist when moving into your new student accommodation in July. We want your move to go smoothly.

If you’d like to find out more about our central Bristol lettings agency, please feel free to get in touch here.