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Things to do when you leaving your student property in Bristol

We’ve been talking recently on our rented property blog at City Rental Services about considerations for Bristol students preparing for the big annual move out of rented student accommodation in BS postcodes.

And this week, we’re focusing on things to do when you leave your student property in Bristol to ensure that a messy house doesn’t cause a dent in the return of your rental deposit.


As a leading provider of rented student accommodation in Bristol, we deal with 100’s of student tenants every year, and here’s a few key things to remember before you hand your keys back to a student landlord or letting agency at the end of this academic year:

* At least 5 days before moving out – defrost the fridge freezer and clean the entire property.

* Collect post forwarding addresses and/or address changes for all co-tenants.

* Make an appointment to give keys and forwarding addresses to landlord.

* Clear all rubbish and recycling, including visiting local tips with all items.

* Make a plan with your co-tenants – who is doing what, such as cleaning, notifying utilities companies, clearing rubbish, replacing furniture, checking all property inventories, ensuring that all rent has been paid, and checking where all co-tenants are going at the end of the year.

* Tell your landlord if anything is broken and be upfront – this saves time in dealing with the rental deposits in the long run.

* So, if there are six student tenants in the rented property this means six cleaned bedrooms and all communal areas should be spotlessly tidy.

* If there are any issues, speak to the landlord immediately, and remember that a new set of student tenants are waiting to move into your rented property.

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Bristol students – are you ready for the big move out of your rented student accommodation?

At City Rental Services, we provide rented accommodation for students across Bristol, and as festival time approaches with students thinking about this Summer’s big events such as Glastonbury and Latitude, it’s also important to think about another big event – the annual move out of student accommodation.


After 11 months of living in your student accommodation in Bristol, it’s time to think about packing up, and making sure that your move out and clear up keeps your landlord or letting agency happy – thus maximizing the amount of your rental deposit that you get back once leaving your student digs.

Here’s our top tips on how to plan the big move out of student accommodation in Bristol:

* Make a move out plan with your co-tenants

* Contact your landlord for an early property inspection

* Ask your landlord what is expected of you

* Review your property inventory and tick off all items

* Ensure that all co-tenants have paid the final month’s rent

* Find out if the group are going home, travelling, or moving to another student property in Bristol

* Is the vacuum cleaner working? If not, let the landlord know straight away

* Find out if the landlord wants to do any renovation or property updating work, as this could affect the move out timescales for your student digs

CRS will also be letting student accommodation throughout the Summer and have a range of student properties available in all BS student postcodes, so pop into our Gloucester Road-based offices to discuss further with our team.

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What can City Rental Services do for you?

At City Rental Services, we’ve been thinking recently about the range of letting services we provide for landlords in Bristol.


In essence, CRS provides a unique letting-only service to hands-on landlords in BS postcodes, with services including:

* Valuation

* Marketing

* Escorted viewings

* Referencing

* Agreement preparation

* Collection of initial monies

* Information service

* Emergency care service

From valuation to occupation, CRS’s simple and flexible service can be tailored to a landlord’s personal requirements. For example, for £295 plus VAT, or £395 with viewings included, we deliver the best in Bristol.

Our lettings negotiators also offer a huge amount of knowledge and experience of different urban areas in Bristol, the lettings market in the city, and a personal, friendly and efficient level of service at all times – so why not pop into our Gloucester Road-based office to talk to our lettings team today.

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Top tips for Bristol landlords to reduce tenant eviction stresses

At City Rental Services, we came across a report from the BBC concerning an alarming increase in tenant eviction numbers in the UK – and thought this topic was worth a closer look, especially for any Bristol landlords dealing with tenant eviction issues.


According to the BBC report, 37,738 private and public sector tenants had their homes repossessed by court bailiffs in 2013, according to figures from the Ministry of Justice – this represents the highest number since records began in 2000.

And in cases involving court action, 12,147 tenants had to hand back home keys between October and December of last year.

Our top three tips for Bristol landlords to reduce tenant eviction stresses are:

* Remember the landlord’s duty of care – this is not only to let the rented property and collect rental incomes, but also to check rental incomes regularly, especially if you’re a letting-only portfolio landlord with HMOs.

* Don’t let rental debts build up – discuss it straight away with tenants, and make sure that communication with tenants is good from the start of the tenancy Agreement.

* Communicate through the right channels, and ensure that you have contact details for all tenants in a rented property, not just a single point of contact. This information should be gained at the start of the tenancy Agreement.

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Why do so many people want to rent properties in BS7?

Here at City Rental Services, we’ve noticed that over the last 12 months professional and student tenants alike are increasingly choosing a BS7 option for their rented property requirements in Bristol.


Gloucester Road is one of the longest shopping streets in Bristol, and was called ‘The last great High Street’ in an article by The Independent – due largely to its resistance to retail chains and corporate takeover.

As well as unique and interesting shops, there’s a vibrant mix of coffee shops, bars, restaurants and a fantastic vibe. Some of our firm favourites include:

Atomic Burger


Nailsea Electrical


Moda Hairdressing


Planet Pizza




The Urban Standard

There’s an amazing mix of rented properties also available through a huge selection of letting agencies and estate agencies – including, of course, from the Gloucester Road-based CRS.

There are, for example, six agents within a stone’s throw of each other, so professional and tenant students have a sizable selection, but when it comes to friendliness and value, you can’t beat our team of letting negotiators – so why not pop into see us for an informal chat today?

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