New Court ruling could save Bristol landlords £1,000’s in eviction delays

Here at City Rental Services, we came across a landmark Court ruling announcement in the news – which could save landlords in Bristol £1,000s in tenant eviction delays during 2014 and beyond.


The case, reported here on industry website Landlord Zone has changed the previous legislation in place which meant that landlords used to serve Notice to end a tenancy once a fixed term had expired.

Under the new ruling, a landlord can now serve Section 21 Notices with two months’ Notice to end an Assured Shorthold Tenancy after the end of a fixed term – saving landlords time and money.

The case, involving a specialist landlord and agent lawyers Property Reclaim in the Court of Appeal, was ruled in favour of the landlord.

Paul Walshe, Head of Property reclaim, commented:

“This is great news for agents and landlords as it’s now much easier to serve a Section 21 Notice. In addition, landlords don’t have to worry about calculating exactly when the last day of a period of a tenancy is, where they may run the risk of their case being struck out if they get it wrong.”

This means that Section 21 Notices can be served effectively in eight weeks.

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