Why Bristol landlords need to be accommodating

Whilst out walking by the Canal today, I looked at the boats and thought about how easy it is to make a home.

It’s a very simple challenge: shelter from the elements, warmth, functioning toilet facilities, bit of cooking, somewhere to wash and dry clothes, and a bit of security.


At this time of year, our thoughts turn to those without shelter: around 80,000 children were homeless at Christmas. Bristol landlords have the ability to provide decent, well-maintained rented accommodation and at a fair price.

They need to do this quickly and efficiently.

If we provide this, then our tenants in Bristol should be able to stay and pay.  That’s the deal, and it’s a good deal. Bristol landlords, you own the property, the tenants pay, and you make a bit of a profit. This profit can go up and down.

A few tips for Bristol landlords as we start 2014:

* Have a successful system for communicating with your tenants.

* Respond quickly to their calls, texts or emails.

* Resolve maintenance issues effectively.

* Check for rents monthly – problems need to be followed speedily.

* Don’t be frightened to serve any necessary Notices to tenants.

* Make sure the notices are served correctly and take advice if unsure.

* Check the property regularly to find out if your tenants are still in residence.

* The vast majority of tenants try hard to keep up with the rental payments.

Worst-case scenario? Sort out the rented property and move on with new tenants.

If you’re aiming for a speedy re-let, get in touch with us at


For an easy, efficient and effective independent lettings provider in Bristol, pop into our Gloucester Road offices to see how we can help you.

Wishing our Bristol landlords and tenants a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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