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Why retirees are becoming important as tenants to Bristol landlords

Here at City Rental Services, we’ve noticed the huge variety and diversity of tenants looking for rented property in Bristol – and this is increasingly including retirees, too.


We read with interest recently this article from industry website Rentman on the growing importance of retirees to the rented property sector, highlighting interesting facts and figures – such as 26% of retirees in the UK now rent their homes.

Some of the main reasons why Bristol landlords should consider retiree-aged tenants, in our experience, include:

* A steady and stable tenant base addition

* Usually know the area and BS postcodes well

* Understand their financial commitments/priorities

* Appreciate the deal between landlord and tenant

* Great ‘Life’ experience, making them reliable option

* Often happy to contribute to property maintenance

The full article is well worth a read, and gives an interesting perspective on older tenants.

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New Court ruling could save Bristol landlords £1,000’s in eviction delays

Here at City Rental Services, we came across a landmark Court ruling announcement in the news – which could save landlords in Bristol £1,000s in tenant eviction delays during 2014 and beyond.


The case, reported here on industry website Landlord Zone has changed the previous legislation in place which meant that landlords used to serve Notice to end a tenancy once a fixed term had expired.

Under the new ruling, a landlord can now serve Section 21 Notices with two months’ Notice to end an Assured Shorthold Tenancy after the end of a fixed term – saving landlords time and money.

The case, involving a specialist landlord and agent lawyers Property Reclaim in the Court of Appeal, was ruled in favour of the landlord.

Paul Walshe, Head of Property reclaim, commented:

“This is great news for agents and landlords as it’s now much easier to serve a Section 21 Notice. In addition, landlords don’t have to worry about calculating exactly when the last day of a period of a tenancy is, where they may run the risk of their case being struck out if they get it wrong.”

This means that Section 21 Notices can be served effectively in eight weeks.

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Does your rented accommodation in Bristol have damp or mould?

Here at City Rental Services, we usually find that this time of year can be when rented accommodation in Bristol is more susceptible to damp and mould.

This is a responsibility issue for all tenants – remember, your landlord does not live with you, and if you have signs of mould or damp in your rented property in Bristol, it’s your responsibility to contact your landlord about this.


So, firstly it’s important to ascertain whether it is damp or mould. Your landlord should visit and assess what the contributory factors are and identify the causes.

This article could be useful. 

On the whole, landlords are keen to respond to these issues and would firstly want to assess the fabric of the building to identify the causes of the mould whether damp or condensation.

In some cases of mould spore growth this is directly attributable to internal issues such as:

* Lack of ventilation in bathroom – does it need a mechanical vent fitting?

* Trickle vents needed in UPVC windows?

* Daily opening of curtains and/or blinds?

* Consider how clothes get dried? Might be time to buy a condensing tumbledryer: visit Nailsea Electrical and Eddy’s Domestic Appliances on Gloucester Road.

* Eradicate mould thoroughly and effectively and quickly.

* Use a dehumidifier until tile moisture levels drop to normal.

* Utilise bathroom or kitchen paints where appropriate – try a local Wicks or B&Q.

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Are you looking for student accommodation in Bristol in 2014?

It’s been a busy start to the year for our team of expert lettings negotiators at City Rental Services, and we’re finding that students are already asking about student accommodation in Bristol for the 2014 season.

In fact, the student lettings market in Bristol starts early, and we have many student houses available listed on our website with more being listed daily.


The main thing is for student tenants in Bristol not to panic – there will be an extensive list of rented properties available and it’s a long time until 01st July!

Our lettings for student accommodation will continue through the Summer until October.

There are usually, however, a limited number of larger houses, and student accommodation in Bristol with eight-plus bedrooms tend to be let first so if you want a big house, shop early.

If you’re looking for student properties to rent across various BS postcodes in 2014, set up email alerts for the following websites:

Rightmove student properties

City Rental Services

City Property Lets

These websites are updated daily, so sign up and register with each to be the first to know what’s available in the student lettings market in Bristol this year.

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Why Bristol landlords need to be accommodating

Whilst out walking by the Canal today, I looked at the boats and thought about how easy it is to make a home.

It’s a very simple challenge: shelter from the elements, warmth, functioning toilet facilities, bit of cooking, somewhere to wash and dry clothes, and a bit of security.


At this time of year, our thoughts turn to those without shelter: around 80,000 children were homeless at Christmas. Bristol landlords have the ability to provide decent, well-maintained rented accommodation and at a fair price.

They need to do this quickly and efficiently.

If we provide this, then our tenants in Bristol should be able to stay and pay.  That’s the deal, and it’s a good deal. Bristol landlords, you own the property, the tenants pay, and you make a bit of a profit. This profit can go up and down.

A few tips for Bristol landlords as we start 2014:

* Have a successful system for communicating with your tenants.

* Respond quickly to their calls, texts or emails.

* Resolve maintenance issues effectively.

* Check for rents monthly – problems need to be followed speedily.

* Don’t be frightened to serve any necessary Notices to tenants.

* Make sure the notices are served correctly and take advice if unsure.

* Check the property regularly to find out if your tenants are still in residence.

* The vast majority of tenants try hard to keep up with the rental payments.

Worst-case scenario? Sort out the rented property and move on with new tenants.

If you’re aiming for a speedy re-let, get in touch with us at

For an easy, efficient and effective independent lettings provider in Bristol, pop into our Gloucester Road offices to see how we can help you.

Wishing our Bristol landlords and tenants a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!