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Are you losing money on your Bristol rented property with poor fittings and fixtures?

We came across an interesting article at City Rental Services recently concerning fixtures and fittings in rented properties, and thought it was worth sharing.


According to a report published on, private rental tenants value quality fixtures and fittings highly when considering rented properties in their search for quality rented accommodation in Bristol.

The full article and survey findings are available here.

According to the survey, 32% of tenants questioned have ended a tenancy early due to the poor quality of fixtures and fittings in a rented property.

Furthermore, the survey highlights that décor and quality fixtures are ranked as the most important influencer for tenants when deciding which rented property to choose.

Shabby, worn out, tired and poor quality fixtures and fittings are an area where Bristol landlords can easily and cost-effectively keep tenants happy with simple updates and improvements, and increase the loyalty of tenants in their rented property portfolio into the bargain.

Bristol landlords – why not take the Christmas period when student tenants are at home on holiday, to visit and review the state of fixtures and fittings in your rented properties in Bristol? It could pay benefits in the long term.

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Bristol students – is your rented accommodation ready when you drive home for Christmas?

It’s that time of year where our expert lettings negotiators at City Rental Services are starting to provide advice to student tenants and landlords in Bristol as the Christmas holidays loom ahead for many students in the city.


And with many student tenants returning home for between 4-5 weeks, it’s important to make sure that student rented accommodation is ready for the long festive break, to avoid unwelcome problems occurring.

Don’t forget to do the following things before leaving for Christmas:

* Watch out for Jack Frost attacking the boiler! Leave heating on low to prevent burst pipes during snaps of cold weather.

* Clean up before you go – bins, fridges, freezer and shower all scrubbed to prevent build-ups of dirt and mould.

* Turn off as many appliances as possible – TV, printers and computers all to standby, to save electricity.

* Who’s the last one out? Check doors and windows, and make sure there’s consistency in all locking systems.

* 2014 is coming – don’t forget to check out our new list of student houses available for the upcoming 2014 Student Letting Season.

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