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Top tips for clearing Christmas rubbish from a rented property

After Christmas, one of the considerations we come across as a central Bristol lettings agency is making sure that all rubbish is cleared from rented accommodation – and advising our tenants and landlords on best-practice for achieving this.

Here are our tip tips for clearing Christmas rubbish, plus a few other considerations for rented properties in January:

  • Turkey remains – ensure you don’t attract rats by properly disposing of all food waste. Find out more here.
  • Recycling – remember to recycle your bottles, cardboard and plastics. Find out more here.
  • Refresh your property – talk to your landlord about redecorating your rented property, sprucing the place up, new curtains and fittings.
  • If you’ve been given a pet for Christmas, you may need to pay a larger deposit on your rented property.
  • For advice on pets and domestic animals, check out the Dogs Trust or Holly Hedge if you’re considering re-homing a rescue pet.
  • See if your letting agency is a member of the Lets With Pets scheme across Bristol.

In our experience, good tenants may well have pets, so although some letting agencies have a Zero Tolerance approach, our outlook is different.

Only this week we met Ed a rescue dog who at 12 weeks was already proving to be a great little dog, house trained and a great addition to the household.

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Will it be a New Year, New Move for you?

One of the biggest benefits of having our central Bristol lettings agency based in the heart of Gloucester Road is seeing the growth of the BS7 postcode in recent months as a great place to live, shop and work within Bristol.

This has been reflected with the recent late-night opening initiatives of many Gloucester Road retailers, bolstered by the visit this week of Bristol’s newly-elected Mayor George Ferguson.

The late-night opening shopping initiative, organized with passion and professionalism by the Gloucester Road Traders’ Association also helps the lettings negotiators at the City Rental Services office to promote the area.

With Christmas and the New Year upon us, many tenants looking for rented properties in central Bristol will now be considering Bishopston and Horfield  as great Bristol areas to set up new homes in 2013.

We’re finding that many young professionals renting flats and houses in Central Bristol are getting fed up with paying high rents, and our simple efficient service centred upon rented accommodation in BS7 is proving increasingly popular.

The profile of Gloucester Road is improving noticeably, too – with traders working together to provide an eclectic mix of shops and services. This has become a real hotspot for lettings in Bristol.

Whilst we may not have the biggest list of rented properties for the BS7 postcode, there are new properties available almost daily, mainly due to the increasing popularity of City Rental Services with Landlords, their properties which we offer to let represent good value for money, a great location, superb local amenities for professionals and good access to North Bristol and the Motorways.

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Reviewing the Bristol rental property market at Christmas

At City Rental Services, we’re in a festive mood, and looking forward to our Christmas and New Year break with family and friends.

It’s also the time of year to take stock of the past 12 months, reviewing the Bristol rented property market. In particular, to see how our rented properties have performed for our landlords over the previous year.

So, before our Christmas break, we’re busy talking to our landlords and in particular reviewing the student portfolios, a range of accommodation for both the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England students with properties ranging in size from 2 to 12 bedrooms – 5 and 6 bedrooms being the most popular.

By this time of year, with Christmas upon us, we usually find all of our student rented properties in Bristol are let, any issues our students may have encountered with their landlords should be resolved, although we are only letting agents, we like to make sure our students are well looked after by their landlords and any problems ironed out between both parties.

Rents are discussed and reset for the new student letting year – July 2013.

Forms are completed, gas and PATs checked again. As we get the information together, we also take new rented property photos and load up to the various web sites and property portals our central Bristol letting agency uses, such as Study Lets and RightMove student section.

This means that we can prepare for the first viewings to take place in January 2013 after the Christmas break.

It’s important for landlords and tenants to remember that if any of the properties might be empty over the holiday period that they must take care to prevent a freeze up, no one wants to come back at the start of the New Year with burst pipes.

Take valuables out of the houses such as laptops, ipads, ipods, Kindles, cameras, maybe to also consider leaving a light on a timer.

Landlords need to also remember that if major works are to be carried out, tenants should be informed properly of these plans.

Finally, of course, we wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a good New Year! Thank you for your business.

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